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Why does the air conditioner not work for heat?

Recently, have you noticed that your air conditioner has become unstable? Or has the air conditioner stopped warming, does not work for heating, although the device did not show signs of failure before? Or, perhaps, you have just purchased a split system, but you can not understand why the air conditioner does not turn on the finished heat supply mode?

In this article, we will tell you in detail why the air conditioner does not blow warm air, and how you can fix this situation.

Causes of malfunction

No heating function

air conditioner error codes

The most banal reason, about which we will still write a few words. Yes, most modern air conditioners work for heating, but in some models this function is still missing. As a rule, these are either very cheap devices, or old air conditioners.

To check whether your air conditioner has an air heating function, just open the instructions. It comes complete with the device. If the documentation has been lost for a long time, take a look at the remote control.

Find the button with the inscription «HEAT» or the icon of the sun on it. If your device has a «MODE» button, press it sequentially, while looking at the display of the remote control. If after three or five taps, the inscription «HEAT» or the icon of the sun appears on the screen, then the heating mode is present in your air conditioner model.

Some air conditioners simply do not know how to heat the air. And this should be taken into account before worrying about breakdowns.  Have you made sure that your device is equipped with a heating function? Check out the other reasons below.

Duration of switching modes

air conditioning does not work

If you turn on the air conditioner and set the heating mode, you will not immediately feel the long-awaited warmth. Usually the device takes 5-10 minutes to start heating in full mode. Budget devices can «swing» for 15-20 minutes at all.

Therefore, after setting up the air conditioner, wait for a while. It is likely that the matter is waiting.

Incorrect settings

error codes of the air conditioner artel

In half of the cases, it turns out that the reason is the incorrectly set settings. we have already mentioned above how you can turn on the heating mode.

Let’s repeat: find the button with the inscription «HEAT» or the icon of the sun on the control panel. Press it one time, the heating mode should turn on. Adjust the temperature.

If your device has a «MODE» button, press it sequentially, while looking at the display of the remote control. After each click, the labels or icons will change on the screen. Your task is to see the inscription «HEAT» or the icon of the sun, and stop pressing the «MODE» button. After that, adjust the temperature as well.  Are the settings set correctly? Study the article further.

The temperature outside is too low

air conditioner icing

Each air conditioner has an acceptable operating temperature range. In most devices, it ranges from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. If you use the device at a temperature outside the window of less than 5 degrees or even at sub-zero temperatures, the heating mode may simply not start.

In some cases, the device starts, but this is not for long. Operation outside the operating temperature range negatively affects the service life of the air conditioner. Using a split system as the main source of heating is not the best solution.

If you want to use the device in the winter season, buy the so-called winter kit, it is installed by many service centers. But we do not recommend operating the air conditioner in such difficult conditions for it, especially if the device is from the budget segment.

Problems with the fan

There are fans in the outdoor and indoor units, on which the correct operation of the entire split system directly depends. If one of the fans fails or is blocked by the electronic» brains » of the air conditioner, you will not be able to turn on the heating mode. And the cooling mode, most likely, too.

If you want the device to start blowing hot air again, you will have to call the master. He must conduct a full diagnosis, find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

Let’s move on to the following reasons why the air conditioner does not turn on the heating mode.

Irregular maintenance

cleaning of air conditioner filters

The air conditioner does not heat well and generally does not work well if you do not take care of it. Split systems need regular maintenance, at least twice a year. Most of the maintenance work should be entrusted to a specialist from the service department. But you can clean the indoor unit with your own hands.

Other reasons

There are a dozen more reasons why the air conditioner does not warm. Above, we have listed only the most common ones. The problem may be hidden in the interblock communication, in faulty thermal sensors, and in a failed compressor.

However, you will not be able to find the exact cause at home. This is only possible for an experienced specialist who has not only tools, but also invaluable experience. Believe me, most repair cases are typical, mostly the problems are one and the same. Therefore, an experienced master can immediately determine what is the cause of the breakdown and how to fix the situation in the shortest possible time.


If your air conditioner does not work on the heating mode, study all the reasons we discussed above. You can also clean the indoor unit to try to fix the situation with your own hands. It is better to entrust the rest of the work to a specialist from the service center. We wish you good luck!

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