air conditioner not immediately blow cold air

Why does the air conditioner not immediately blow cold air?

In this article, we will tell you in detail why the air conditioner does not blow cold air or blows with a significant delay, and how you can solve these problems.

Please note! Many users are convinced that after buying and installing the device, they will press the button and immediately get the long-awaited coolness. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The air conditioner starts blowing cold air only 10-15 minutes after switching on the mode, and budget devices can gain momentum within 20 minutes. This is absolutely normal. It is worth sounding the alarm if half an hour has already passed, and the device has just started working or has not started working at all.

Settings got lost

air conditioner error codes

The air conditioner can supply cold air with a significant delay or not turn on the cooling mode at all, because the settings in the control panel have gone wrong. Before using the remote control, it is also configured so that it works correctly. Over time, the settings may get lost, which is why the air conditioner will not receive a signal from the remote control. Or it will receive the wrong signal.

To fix this situation, you need to reset the remote control settings. To do this, turn off the air conditioner, including removing the plug from the outlet. After that, remove the batteries from the remote control and wait for a few minutes. Insert the batteries and turn on the air conditioner. Next, try to set the cooling mode and adjust the temperature. Wait for 10-15 minutes, because the device does not immediately work at full capacity.

After 15 minutes, bring your hand to the indoor unit and check the temperature of the air flows. It should be noticeably cool. If nothing has changed, read the article below.

The indoor unit is not working correctly

air conditioner crackles

The indoor unit is located indoors. It consists of many components that should work smoothly. If one of the parts fails, the air conditioner will cool down with a delay. Sometimes it is impossible to determine the breakdown by ear, so you still have to call a specialist for diagnostics.

List of frequent indoor unit malfunctions:

  • the connection between the indoor and outdoor unit is lost;

  • the compressor has overloaded or failed;

  • the control board has failed or is not working correctly;

  • the thermal sensors have failed or are working incorrectly;

  • the valves are out of order;

  • insufficient voltage in the power grid;

The outdoor unit is not working properly

external air conditioner unit

The outdoor unit plays the same important role as the indoor one. Together, they form a single system, each component of which should work stably. If any problems occur in the outdoor unit, the air conditioner will start cooling with a significant delay, or it will not cool the air at all.

Call a specialist to conduct a full diagnosis and determine the exact cause. At home, you will not be able to independently determine the cause of the malfunction, and in the absence of the necessary skills, you can harm the split system.

The air conditioner needs cleaning

cleaning of air conditioner filters

The split system is a technically complex device that needs regular maintenance. Most of the maintenance work must be entrusted to a specialist, but it is quite possible to cope with cleaning yourself.

The outdoor and indoor units need to be cleaned. The outdoor unit should be cleaned with your own hands only if it is installed at a height of no more than two meters from the ground. In all other cases, we recommend contacting the wizard. Do not risk your life and health.

The indoor unit is easy to clean at home. You will need:

  • detergent for the air conditioner;

  • a soft cloth;

  • sponge;

  • brush;

  • water;

  • vacuum cleaner and nozzle with a narrow nozzle;

  • stepladder.

Instructions for cleaning the indoor unit:

  1. Disconnect the air conditioner by unplugging it from the outlet;

  2. Carefully remove the decorative panel by snapping the latches around the perimeter of the block;

  3. Remove the filter. It is a mesh plate on a plastic base. Do not apply excessive effort when removing the filter, it may break;

  4. Using a vacuum cleaner and a nozzle with a narrow nozzle, thoroughly clean the inside of the unit to remove large particles of dust and insects;

  5. Rinse the filter under the tap. If any dirt remains, remove it with a rag, sponge or brush, using water and detergent;

  6. Use a sponge and detergent to clean the internal components of the unit. Do not use excessive amounts of water. be careful when cleaning the fan blades;

  7. Dry the unit and filter naturally. Do not use a hair dryer to dry;

  8. Carefully insert the filter into place;

  9. Close the decorative panel, check the latches.

Lack or overabundance of refrigerating agent

varieties of freon

Most users of air conditioners sooner or later face an insufficient amount of freon in the system. The leak occurs for various reasons. If you have purchased an inexpensive air conditioner, a leak may occur from the first day of operation due to poor-quality assembly of the system. Also, the lack of freon occurs with improper installation or with infrequent maintenance.

In short, there can be many reasons. But, unfortunately, you will not be able to independently determine whether there is enough freon in the track or not. Only a specialist with experience can do this. Use the services of a service center, they will diagnose and find out whether your air conditioner needs to be refueled.

There is also an overabundance of freon. This is the fault of the masters who filled the air conditioner «by eye». An experienced master must correctly determine how much refrigerant is in the pipeline, and add exactly as much as necessary.

If a specialist refills freon, focusing only on his feelings, most likely he refills too much. In this situation, the master must return and correct his mistake by pumping out an unnecessary amount of refrigerating agent. But such situations occur infrequently, mainly there is a shortage of freon.


If your air conditioner has become less efficient, or has stopped cooling at all, do not worry. Try resetting the remote control and cleaning the indoor unit. Pay special attention to cleaning. If these measures do not help to solve the problem, contact the service center.

Believe me, such cases are not uncommon for an experienced master. At home, you are unlikely to be able to diagnose and perform repairs with your own hands. Such work should be entrusted to a professional. He has not only the necessary set of tools and knowledge, but also invaluable experience.

Have you ever faced similar problems? Share your experience in the comments below. Your experience will be useful for many readers. Give some useful recommendations for those who have encountered this trouble. We wish you good luck!

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