Why do I need an air conditioner pressure sensor in my car

Why do I need an air conditioner pressure sensor in my car?

The pressure sensor is one of the most important components installed in your car. Without it, the correct operation of the entire air conditioning system is impossible. In this article, we will explain in detail what it is and how to track the occurrence of breakdowns in order to quickly replace the sensor later.

General information

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Air conditioning in the car works on a similar principle as a standard household monoblock. Car air conditioning is also a closed sealed device, inside of which there is a refrigerating agent (aka freon), a compressor, a fan, an evaporator, a condenser and other components that can be found in an ordinary home appliance.

The principle of operation is also very similar and is based on the transformation of freon from a liquid state to a gaseous state.

To ensure that the entire system works flawlessly for many years, car air conditioners are equipped with additional sensors. Air conditioner pressure sensors — one of them. It monitors the increase and decrease of pressure in the air conditioning system. Often there are two separate sensors responsible for high and low pressure.

If there is a lack of freon in the air conditioner, the low pressure sensor of the air conditioner will work and the system will shut down. If there is too much freon and the pressure rises above normal, the high-pressure sensor will detect this problem and block the operation of the compressor.

These small components of the system are able to prevent many problems associated with operation and repair. Therefore, it is important to regularly monitor the technical condition of the car air conditioner and the pressure sensors, including, so that they can properly perform your job.

Why do the air conditioner sensors fail

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The most common reasons for the failure of pressure sensors are the presence of contamination or mechanical damage. If you notice that the air conditioner has started to work unstable, the fan is functioning intermittently or completely turns off, then it’s time to check whether the fan is working properly. what is the status of the sensors.

If they have traces of dirt, corrosion or damage, then the components need to be replaced with new ones. Also, computer diagnostics will not be superfluous.

To make the car air conditioner last you for many years, perform regular maintenance of the sensors, and the entire system as a whole. Use high-quality freon, refuel it only in proven car service stations that value their reputation.

Every time you use the car, turn on the air conditioner for 10-15 minutes, even in the winter season. In summer, you will certainly use air conditioning on a regular basis, but in winter, you can not forget about this part of your car. Do not be lazy and turn on the cooling mode, wait a little, and then you can switch to the air heating mode.

How to replace pressure sensors

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We recommend changing the sensors in the service station. But if you want to do the job yourself, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Prepare the tool. You will need a 14 mm horn wrench and a lift. Even better, if your garage has an observation pit;

  2. Turn off the engine;

  3. Locate the sensors. They can be easily found by removing the bumper. Often, the sensors are located on the right side. If you can’t remove the entire bumper, try partially remove the plastic protection and look for sensors on the right side;

  4. Remove the wires from the sensors. To do this, you need to lift a special plastic cover. the latch;

  5. Unscrew the sensors with a key. Usually, two-contact sensors are used in cars;

  6. Screw on the new sensors and connect the wires to them;

  7. Replace the plastic guard or bumper.


The air conditioning system in the car is very similar to a regular monoblock. But it is additionally equipped with special sensors that are responsible for the correct operation of the air conditioner. If the sensors fail, you can easily replace them with your own hands.

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