Why do I need a winter kit for an air conditioner

Why do I need a winter kit for an air conditioner?

Many modern air conditioners are designed not only for cooling the air on hot summer days, but also for heating. If your device has a similar function, then you can safely turn on the air conditioner in winter. But keep in mind that the sub-zero temperature outside the window can negatively affect the operation of the device. To avoid this, you can purchase and install the so-called winter kit. In this article, we will tell you in detail what it is and how to install winter kits on air conditioners at home.

General information

Air cooling is not the main function of an air conditioner. Most devices from the middle price category are additionally equipped with a heating function. And in recent years, modern manufacturers have begun to introduce this feature in low-cost devices. After all, such an air conditioner can be used all year round, cooling the air in summer and heating it in the off-season or even in winter.

Yes, the split system can really be used at sub-zero temperatures. However, this issue must be approached wisely, because there are many components in air conditioners that can fail during operation in the winter season.

First of all, open the manual that comes with your air conditioner and find the item about the operating temperature range. Most of the devices are designed for operation at a temperature of at least -5 or -10 degrees. If the window is -15 and your device is not designed to work in such conditions, then you should not turn it on.

It is also worth understanding that often in the cold season, air conditioners are covered with a thick crust of ice and quickly fail. Installing a winter kit on air conditioners helps to eliminate this problem. After a simple installation procedure, you can use the device in any weather, both in heating and cooling mode. Taking into account the operating temperatures, of course.

What components does the winter kit consist of?

The winter kit is a small set of two heating elements and a fan speed controller. One heating element is designed to heat the compressor, the second — to heat the drainage system. The regulator is responsible for lowering or increasing the condensation pressure by changing the fan speed.

When selecting winter sets for air conditioners, pay attention to its operating temperature. The same principle works here as with air conditioning. Often, air conditioners in apartments are designed to operate at -10 degrees outside the window. In this case, the winter kit should have similar characteristics.

Installing the winter kit

Installation of winter kits is trusted only by professionals. You can do the installation yourself, but we have no guarantees that the air conditioner will not eventually fail after interfering with its design. If you have the opportunity, use the services of experienced installers. And if not, then read on. But keep in mind that all the responsibility lies on your shoulders.

installing the winter air conditioner kitFind out what type of unit you have. For non-invertor air conditioners, a complete set is installed, with two heating elements and a regulator, and for an inverter device, a regulator is not required.

The kit is connected in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. If the unit is installed high above the ground, it is better to resort to the help of a specialist and not risk your health.

Install the first thermoelectrical heater directly on the compressor housing. To power the heating element, put a separate machine. The same procedure is performed with the second heating element, installing it on the drainage tube. Pre-replace a conventional corrugated pipe with a copper or metal-plastic one with insulation.

Now about the pressure regulator. Its unit must be screwed to one of the free walls of the outdoor unit housing. We recommend placing the regulator closer to the connection pads. Connect the load to the gap in the wire responsible for controlling the fan. Also connect the regulator wire to the wire responsible for controlling the four-way valve. Do not forget to connect the power supply.

The kit often includes a thermal sensor that accurately determines the temperature of the heat exchanger. Thanks to this, we can use the controller to correctly adjust the fan speed. Install the heat sensor in the middle of the radiator, secure it with a clamp or thermal paste.


Winter and summer air conditioners differ in their functionality. Winter apparatuses are able not only to cool, but also to heat the air. However, when operating in sub-zero temperatures, they can fail due to ice on the outdoor unit.

Installing winter packages solves this problem. Such a simple solution will help to cope with the negative consequences of operating an air conditioner in winter. Especially if your air conditioner is mounted on the north side. The winter kit is installed in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner and protects it from freezing, which means that it extends the service life in sub-zero temperatures.

In this article, we have described in detail what the winter kit is and how it works. In the comments below, you can share your experience of installing and using the winter kit. Good luck!

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