visor for an air conditioner

Why do I need a visor for an air conditioner?

Many, including the masters, are convinced that a visor is optional for an air conditioner. Owners of split systems willingly refuse to install a visor to save money, and installers sometimes do not even offer such an option, considering it meaningless.

In this article, we will tell you in detail in what situations you may need a protective visor for an air conditioner, what you should pay attention to when choosing and installing, as well as how to make a visor with your own hands.

General information

Agree, it is not so often that you can find canopies of an outdoor air conditioner unit on the facades of houses. But this simple and inexpensive device can significantly increase the service life of the air conditioner!

The outdoor unit is made of high-quality durable metal, but there are ventilation holes in the body of the device, through which dirt, fluff and precipitation can get inside the unit. Installing a visor partially solves this problem, protecting the unit from adverse street conditions.

At the same time, such a solution can hardly be called complicated or expensive. If desired, the visor can be made with your own hands, if you want to save money. And in some cases, the installation of the visor is mandatory if the long service life of the device is important for you.

In detail

We recommend installing the visor in the following cases:

  • You live in a country house with a pitched roof. Most cottage owners have a pitched lid, not a flat one. Because of this, icicles and ice form on the overhangs. Over time, they melt, but sometimes they break off and fall down. A large icicle can damage the outdoor unit if it falls, so it is better to protect the device with a canopy;

  • The device is installed on the north side. It is recommended to install air conditioners on the north side. But in snowy cold regions, this can lead to trouble: the outdoor unit will be under a huge cap of snow or completely iced over. The problem is solved by installing a visor;

  • You live in an old house without major repairs. There are many multi-apartment residential buildings in our country that were built in the last century, but still have not waited for their turn for major repairs. If the facade has stucco or other similar decor, it may collapse due to the natural wear of the building. In this case, it is recommended to install a canopy over the air conditioner;

  • You live on the first floor of an apartment building. It is no secret that many of our fellow citizens like to throw cigarette butts, bottles and other garbage out of the windows. If you live on the first floor, most likely these «gifts» from above will fly to your air conditioner. It is better to install a visor to protect the outdoor unit.

When is the visor not needed?

homemade visor for кондиционера

The protective visor, despite its simplicity and effectiveness, has a number of disadvantages:

  • Dirt. An incredible amount of dirt accumulates under the visor and on it. Birds begin to settle in secluded places, and pigeons will gladly love any canopy. It is necessary to clean the external unit and the visor more often from excrement, feathers and other troubles;

  • Ice and icicles. If icicles form on the overhangs of the roof, it is not surprising that they will form on the overhangs of the canopy. Sometimes the amount of ice exceeds all imaginable limits, you have to knock it down manually or call a master;

  • The high cost of installation on a high floor. Installing the outdoor unit on a high floor itself costs a lot of money, since you have to resort to the services of industrial climbers. If you add the installation of a visor to this task, the cost of the work may be too high;

  • Difficulties in repair and maintenance. Often the canopy interferes with the full maintenance of the air conditioner, the master has to work in an uncomfortable position. And some places can’t be reached at all. We have to dismantle the canopy, and this is extra working time, for which you need to pay extra.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide whether to install a visor over the air conditioner or not. But we are convinced that in some cases a canopy is mandatory, and it is not worth saving on this item of expenditure. Otherwise, the outdoor unit may suffer, and it will take more money to repair it than to buy and install a visor.


installation of the visor for the air conditioner

The visor for the external unit of the air conditioner must not only be purchased, but also properly installed. If you live on the first floor or in a country house, you can install the visor with your own hands. In all other cases, it is better to seek professional help.

Above the air conditioner, the visor is mounted quite simply, but it is important to do this taking into account the horizontal, accurately marking the places for mounting. It is almost impossible to do this work alone, in any case, an assistant is needed.

Step-by-step instructions for installing the visor:

  1. Mark the places where the canopy fasteners will be located. You must provide at least 4-6 mounting points so that the visor can withstand precipitation and a snow cap on it. When marking up, use the building level;

  2. Use a hammer drill to drill holes in the marked places. Also make matching holes in the bases of the visor, using a metal drill;

  3. Insert anchors with a diameter of 10 mm and put a visor on them. Tighten the fasteners with a nut. It is better to do the work together with an assistant;

  4. To speed up the work, you can use a drill with a nozzle for tightening nuts. Tighten the fasteners, but do not overdo it, so as not to break the thread.

The visor should be installed as securely as possible so that the wind or ice could not tear it off the facade. You should understand that if you fall, the canopy can be dangerous for passers-by, so take care of buying high-quality components.

Homemade visor

visor for the air conditioner with your own hands

The visor for the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can be made independently, without spending money on purchased options.

To make a protective visor for an air conditioner, you will need a sheet of steel, a metal corner of 100×100 mm (metal thickness-at least 4 mm) or a profile pipe, a welding machine and welding consumables.

To begin with, we recommend making a simple schematic drawing of the future canopy, so as not to make a mistake in the calculations.

Surely you have already guessed what the visor will look like. The corners act as stops, and a protective part will be made of the sheet. If you want to make a reinforced canopy, take materials of greater thickness, use galvanized steel and larger corners.


Some useful recommendations for creating a visor:

  1. Measure the dimensions of the air conditioner. Its length is the most important indicator. Add 10 cm to the obtained values so that there is a distance between the finished canopy and the outdoor unit;

  2. If you do not have ready-made corners, they can be easily made from a profile pipe. To do this, you will need three parts: two horizontal blanks and it is transverse. The horizontal ones are welded together, forming an acute angle, and a transverse billet is welded between them to strengthen the structure. Such corners need to be made 2 pcs.;

  3. The corners are attached to a steel sheet previously cut to size. In the sheet, you need to make holes for fasteners. We recommend not to weld the sheet, but to fasten it to the corners with bolts. There should be rubber gaskets between the sheet and the corners, they can also be made independently;

  4. If homemade corners are used, the sheet will naturally be located at an angle. This is very good, since excess dirt and precipitation will flow by gravity outside the canopy;

  5. If this is a country house or the first floor of an apartment, you can assemble the canopy in parts directly on the facade. I.e., first weld the corners, then the protective part. When installing a canopy on a high floor, it is necessary to assemble the canopy on the ground, and then lift it and install it completely.


Not for every air conditioner, a visor is mandatory, but in some cases you can not do without it. If you want to save money, you can try to make a protective visor for the air conditioner with your own hands. This is not difficult, you will need a minimal set of tools and materials. We wish you good luck!

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