Why do I need a dry mode in an air conditioner

Why do I need a dry mode in an air conditioner?

You probably already know how the split system works, and what set of basic functions is provided in each air conditioner. But on premium models, you can often find additional features, the essence of which is not clear at first glance.

A striking example is air conditioners with a dry function. In this article, we will tell you exactly what the drying function in air conditioners is for, what it means and whether it is worth paying too much.

General information

The function of dehumidifying the air in the room (often manufacturers call it «Dry») is not necessary for everyone, but in some cases it is simply mandatory, otherwise you will not be able to create a sufficiently comfortable microclimate.

First of all, dehumidification can be a real salvation in the conditions of prolonged summer heat. Children and the elderly often suffer from high humidity, the dehumidification function can significantly improve their well-being.

feeling unwell

But middle-aged people also suffer from high humidity. If the humidity index increases by more than 65%, a person feels dry in the throat, gets tired faster, the quality of his skin deteriorates, and the risk of allergies and other unpleasant reactions of the body increases.

And if you live in the southern regions, where the humidity is always significantly higher than in the middle or northern strip, then an air conditioner with a dehumidification function is a must have for any apartment or office. With high humidity, not only your condition worsens, but also household items begin to lose their former attractiveness: wooden doors swell, and the pages of books and magazines are deformed.

If you live in a region with insufficient humidity, the enabled dehumidification function may worsen the situation. It will be useful only when the humidity level is high, do not use it on a permanent basis.

How to enable dehumidification mode

First, you need to turn on the air conditioner itself. Make sure that the plug from the machine is plugged in and everything is working properly. Using the remote control, press » ON » to turn on the air conditioner. Then find the «DRY» button on the remote control or the button with the droplet icon, which is responsible for the dehumidification mode in the air conditioner. Click on it once.

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If your remote doesn’t have a separate button, click on «MODE». At this time, the display of the air conditioner or the remote control itself should display the inscription «DRY». If it does not appear, press the «MODE» button until the » DRY » mode is displayed on the display. That’s it, dehumidification mode is on. Next, you can adjust the temperature by clicking on the buttons with the arrow icons or » + «and» -«.


The dehumidification function in air conditioners can be a real salvation for those who can hardly tolerate high humidity. This is especially acute for children and the elderly on hot summer days. Otherwise, the dehumidifier does not carry anything special. Its advantages are revealed only in humid regions.

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