drain punp for conditioner

Why do I need a drain pump for my air conditioner?

The split system has long ceased to be a curiosity. Now the cost of air conditioning is not as high as 15-20 years ago, and the process of installing air conditioners no longer takes as much time as before.

However, despite the technical complexity of such devices, they are not without drawbacks. One of these shortcomings can be corrected by drain pumps for air conditioners. What it is and why it is necessary-we will tell you in this article.

General information

drain pump

The principle of operation of the air conditioner implies the condensation of excess moisture taken from the air. The condensate accumulates in a special drainage tray or is discharged directly to the street. However, there are often situations when excess moisture stagnates in the tray or inside the drainage tube, an unpleasant smell is formed, and in neglected cases — mold.

Drainage systems are designed in such a way that excess moisture flows by gravity into the pallet or into the street, without the participation of additional devices. However, this is not always possible for technical or aesthetic reasons. In this case, drainage pumps are used.

The drainage pump works on a similar principle as a conventional pump. For this reason, it is often called a drain pump for air conditioners. This is a simple and inexpensive device for pumping out condensate and stagnant moisture from the drainage system.

A standard pump consists of a moisture collection tank, a pump, a level sensor, and a drainage system of condensate. In simpler and cheaper models, a special float is used as sensors.

Types of drainage pumps

drain pump for conditioner

There are 4 main types of drainage pumps on the market:

  1. Separate pump. The most common type among all pumps. She has low power, but it is enough for most apartment air conditioners;

  2. Filling pump. It has a slightly higher power than a separate one. Of this capacity enough to direct excess moisture to a distance of up to 5 meters;

  3. Built-in pump. Designed for duct and cassette air conditioners;

  4. Peristaltic pump. This is a special type of high-power pumps designed to direct the condensate at a distance of more than ten meters.

Ways to install drainage pumps

The optimal installation method can only be selected by an experienced specialist. He evaluates the features of the pump and air conditioner, and then decides where exactly to put the device: in the drainage bath, drainage pipe, in a special niche or below the level of the drainage bath.

We do not recommend installing the pumps yourself, because due to lack of experience, you can mount the device incorrectly, and it will damage the drainage system.


Air conditioner drainage pumps are a small device that can significantly improve your air conditioner. This device works as a pump for pumping out condensate from the air conditioning system, and prevents mold formation in the drainage system. We recommend that you install it to make sure that you need such a small, but necessary device.

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