Why do I need a deflector for an air conditioner

Why do I need a deflector for an air conditioner?

No matter how technologically advanced modern air conditioners are, they have a number of shortcomings that can only be corrected with the help of additional devices. One of these disadvantages is poorly controlled air flows. To solve this problem, deflectors for air conditioners were invented, which are also called screens.

In this article, we will explain in detail what deflectors are, why they are necessary and whether they are so necessary for solving your problems.

General information

All air conditioners are equipped with so-called «blinds», they are built into the housing and with their help you can control the air flow entering the room. However, in some cases, this is not the most effective way to adjust.

This problem has a simple and inexpensive solution — the deflector, aka the screen for the air conditioner. It is a compact device made of colored or transparent acrylic, metal or composite materials. It can be purchased ready-made or made to order, taking into account the size of the internal unit of the split system.

deflector for split system

Some companies may put patterns or your company logo on the deflector. In this case, the screen performs not only a utilitarian, but also an aesthetic function. On request, a backlight is built into the deflector.

In what cases do you need a deflector? Here are just a few of the situations that you are probably familiar with:

  1. The air conditioner is used in a room where there are several people at once for a long time. For example, in the office. At the same time, one employee constantly blows, and the other, on the contrary, does not have enough fresh air;

  2. You have purchased an insufficiently powerful device, it cools only a small part of the room, leaving the rest of the room without coolness;

  3. In practice, it turned out that the installation location of the air conditioner was chosen in the wrong place and as a result, you feel constant discomfort due to the streams of cold air directed directly at you while you are resting or working;

  4. You decided to rearrange the furniture and found that now the air conditioner is not located in the most convenient place: the air flows are directed in the wrong direction, where they fell earlier.

Is a deflector really necessary?

The reasons «for» are quite weighty, but are there any disadvantages to such systems? In our opinion, no. Yes, you will have to pay a small amount for them. But it does not compare with high-tech air conditioners, in which intelligent control of air flow is possible.

Indeed, there are devices on the market that are able to track your movement around the room and adjust the flow of cold air accordingly. But such split systems are many times more expensive than a bunch of conventional air conditioning and deflector.

why do I need a deflector for an air conditioner

However, before you buy a screen for an air conditioner, check whether your device is equipped with additional functions for adjusting the air flow. You may be able to solve the problem with the existing functionality without buying additional devices.

In this case, you do not need to install deflectors or other similar systems. But if the built-in functions do not allow you to adjust the air flow in the desired direction, you will have to order a screen.


The deflector is an excellent device for adjusting the air flow. If your air conditioner is not equipped with additional features that can help you avoid blowing or banal discomfort from cold air, use a deflector.

The cost of manufacturing and installing a screen for an air conditioner is significantly lower than buying a high-tech device that boasts intelligent air flow control functions. And the standard «curtains» built into the internal unit of the split system are not always able to provide the right direction.

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