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Whistling of the air conditioner: what to do?

Advertising assures us that modern air conditioners are not only functional, but also reliable! They can work continuously, while quickly switching between different modes. This is partly true, of course. If the split system is maintained on time and regularly, it is likely that it will work for many years, without bringing its owner an extra headache.

But even with proper maintenance, one or more parts of the air conditioner can fail due to natural wear and tear or poor assembly. This is especially true for budget devices. They are often assembled in factories with cheap labor, without strict quality control. For this reason, there are often situations when users complain about the equipment immediately after the purchase and installation of the device.

It has only been six months-a year since the purchase of the air conditioner, but you are already interested in only one question: why do you hear strange extraneous sounds at home? Indeed, users often complain that their air conditioner whistles, and rush to contact the service center. This is the right decision: in this case, self-diagnosis is not possible, specific skills and tools are needed. Therefore, the best solution is to seek the help of a master. In this article, we will briefly explain what may be the cause of the whistle from the air conditioner, and how you can fix this trouble.

Why is the split system whistling


If the device whistles only six months or a year after purchase, most likely the reason lies in the ventilation drum. None of the other components will be able to make a sound like a whistle after such a short service life. Only the ventilation drum, located in the internal unit of the split system, remains.

In rare cases, the cause of the whistle may be hidden in the operation of other components of the split system. The exact cause can only be determined by an experienced master, using invaluable experience and professional tools. Do not skimp on diagnostics. After all, an air conditioner is a kind of living organism, consisting of many parts. It is important to correctly identify which of the parts is working incorrectly or has failed. The success of the repair work depends on this.

What to do?

If you do not have experience in disassembling and repairing split systems, we recommend contacting a service center. In this case, you are unlikely to be able to perform repairs with your own hands. In this matter, experience and skills are important. Individual craftsmen can take risks if they are confident in their abilities, but we do not recommend doing so. Otherwise, the service life of your split system may decrease.

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Well, if you are professionally engaged in the repair of air conditioners, try to fix the problem yourself. Below we offer a brief repair manual.

The first thing to do is to remove the housing from the wall unit of the air conditioner. You must remove not only the decorative cover, but the entire plastic case as a whole. Most likely, for these purposes, you will have to remove the block from the wall and remove the housing on a horizontal surface. Be careful! Use a stable ladder and, if possible, perform the dismantling together with a partner.


After that, remove the vertical and horizontal guides (so-called «blinds») that are responsible for changing the direction of the air flow. Do not forget to remove the small motor that drives the guides. Also remove the drain pan. Proceed carefully: it is important not to break the fasteners and not to lose it. When re-assembling components, there is often a lack of fasteners, because the masters do not particularly care about its safety.

Next, find the evaporator (also called the radiator because of its characteristic ribbed shape) and find a semicircle to the left of it. It is usually made of plastic, so it is difficult to miss it. Under the semicircle, you can find an elastic band. Under it, you need to apply a lubricant, just a very small amount is enough. If the drum prevents you from getting close to the rubber band, unscrew the screw on which the axle is attached and slide the drum to the side.

After lubrication, assemble all the components together and check the operation of the air conditioning system. When assembling, make sure that all the fasteners are in place! Also, when checking the health of the system, it is important to start the system several times, with small breaks of 10-15 minutes. The whistle may go away for a short time, but then reappear after a few launches. In this case, you need to add a little more lubricant, or perform a full diagnosis and look for another cause of the whistle.


The air conditioner is a modern and technological device. But it, alas, is not immune from breakdowns and malfunctions. Some of them can be handled fairly quickly and without significant financial costs. Fortunately, the whistle from the air conditioner rarely causes serious damage, but you still need to pay attention to it.

If it whistle when you turn on the air conditioner appeared six months or a year after the purchase, do not worry. Probably, the reason is the insufficient amount of lubricant in the ventilation drum. If you have experience, you can try to lubricate the parts yourself. But we still recommend that you contact a specialist from the service center. It will perform additional diagnostics and determine the exact cause of the extraneous sound. Also, an experienced master has never encountered such problems, so he will be able to perform repairs fairly quickly and inexpensively.

Have you previously encountered extraneous sounds, especially whistling, coming from the air conditioner? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Share useful tips for repairing and preventing such malfunctions. Also check out other articles on our website and leave your opinion. Good luck!

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