How to choose your own air conditioner for an apartment

Which inverter air conditioner is better to choose for an apartment?

Thanks to their technological efficiency and reliability, inverter air conditioners are gradually replacing classic devices from the market. The inverter air conditioner perfectly copes not only with cooling, but also with heating the air in the room.

With proper operation and regular maintenance, the inverter units can last for many years without serious damage.

Read this article before choosing an air conditioner in an apartment, office or country house. This the material will help you decide on the optimal model of an inverter air conditioner. We will tell you about the top ten devices from different price categories.

General information

First, let’s look at the terminology. The inverter air conditioner is a modified version of the classic air conditioner.

The classic air conditioner works on a simple principle: it cools the air to a set temperature, then turns off. If the air temperature rises above the set point, the air conditioner will automatically turn on and cool the room, then again it will turn off. This process is cyclical.

Such a system has one significant drawback — rapid wear of the internal components of the air conditioner, as well as high power consumption.

To get rid of these problems, engineers have developed an inverter air conditioner. It, unlike the classic device, works continuously, until you turn it off yourself. During operation, the inverter air conditioner consumes less electricity, and its components are less likely to fail.

10 best inverter air conditioners

Check out the top ten models of inverter devices and make a comparison. Share your opinion, tell us in the comments which air conditioners are better to choose for apartments, houses or offices. This is not a rating, there will be no best and worst devices here. All air conditioners presented in the list are good for their price category.

Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G

air conditioning for use in the apartment

The first air conditioner on our list is Hisense AS-09UR4SYDDB1G. It has established itself as one of the quietest devices among budget inverter air conditioners. This model can be safely installed in the bedroom or study.

The indoor unit is made of high-quality, durable materials. Its surface does not tarnish with time and is easy to clean. If you suffer from allergies or care about the health of your children, you will surely appreciate the built-in air ionization function, as well as a modern filtration system.

This split system will not keep you waiting long: the device reaches the set temperature within a few minutes, while making a minimum noise level. Among the disadvantages, we note only that it is impossible to turn off the audio signals when setting up the device.


lg home air conditioner

Everyone is familiar with the LG brand. This company has long established itself on the good side. Air conditioners from this brand also often receive high ratings from users. The LG P07SP model looks stylish and modern. The indoor unit is made of durable glossy plastic. Contrary to negative expectations, it is easy to take care of it.

This air conditioner works very quietly and will not disturb even the lightest sleep. And if you are worried about power consumption, you can track this parameter in real time: the amount of energy consumed is shown on the air conditioner body. At the same time, the LG P07SP it is able to cool the room in just 5 minutes thanks to modern developments of engineers from LG.

Among the disadvantages, we note the noise in the first minutes after switching on, as well as rare noises from the indoor unit during operation.

General Climate GC/GU-EAF07HRN1

home air conditioners

This model is very similar to the previous one. General Climate GC / GU-EAF07HRN1 also boasts the functions of additional air purification from dust and other allergens. The device can be installed in a room for rest or work, because it emits a minimum noise level.

After purchase, you get a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. The cost of the device is also pleasing: models with similar functionality are usually more expensive. Among the disadvantages, we note the loud operation of the outdoor unit. But you are unlikely to notice this drawback, since the outdoor unit is installed on the street.


toshiba air conditioner

This is an economical air conditioner that will save your finances when paying for utilities invoices. It is quiet, assembled very efficiently, and works quickly both in cooling mode and in air heating mode.

Of the disadvantages, we note only the lack of illumination at the control panel. This is not very convenient if you use the device in the bedroom and do not want to turn on the light at night to adjust the operation of the device.

Carrier 42UQV035M/38UYV035M

air conditioner carrier

The brother of the Toshiba air conditioner, since it is assembled at the same factory from the same components. This is a reliable and modern device, which is equipped with five operating modes and boasts excellent energy efficiency. This air conditioner quickly copes with both cooling and heating the air in the room.

There are no disadvantages. The functionality is extensive, the design is modern, the price is reasonable. And what else do you need for a modern air conditioner?

Panasonic CS/CU-TZ71TKEW

panasonic air conditioner

This air conditioner is designed to work in very large rooms. It copes with cooling and cleaning the air in a room of up to 70 square meters! At the same time, electricity is consumed quite economically, and the indoor unit works quite quietly.

Among the disadvantages, we note the high cost of the air conditioner and the outdated type of refrigerating agent used for the operation of the device. This type of refrigerant is not safe for the environment. But you can easily replace it with a more eco-friendly option. Consult with before installing the device, to determine the type of refrigerant in advance.

Electrolux EACS/I-09HM/N3_15Y

choosing an air conditioner for an apartment

The Electrolux brand has long established itself as reliable and functional, and their air conditioners have earned many positive reviews. Specifically, this model is designed to cool or heat visitors with an area of up to 25 square meters. It is also equipped with air purification functions.

The outdoor unit is made of very high-quality metal, protected from corrosion. Also he equipped with a system that prevents the formation of ice when used in the winter season.

This air conditioner is very productive, while consuming a little electricity. But for all this functionality, you will have to pay: Electrolux EACS/I-09HM/N3_15Y is not cheap, and users are dissatisfied with the lack of illumination of the buttons on the remote control.

Hitachi RAK-18PEC/RAC-18WEC

air conditioning for the apartment

This is an excellent air conditioner for those who are often forced to be out of the house, but at the same time want to upon return, get into a comfortable microclimate.

This can be achieved thanks to the built-in timer, which can be programmed for 12 hours ahead! Set the desired temperature in the morning and when you return from work, you will find yourself in a cool or warm apartment, depending on the mode you choose.

Among the disadvantages, we note not the most practical housing of the indoor unit. It is not easy to take care of it, you have to use special cleaning products. Also, the cost of this device is far from budget-friendly. Otherwise, it is a fairly reliable and functional air conditioner for the home.


lg air conditioner

Another model from LG is on our list. This is one of the best models among inexpensive inverter air conditioners in the entire brand line. The device is qualitatively assembled and equipped with modern technologies, for example, the voice control function. You can forget about the remote control and adjust the air conditioner without getting out of bed!

This model is also equipped with a multi-stage air filtration system. At the cost the quality of fresh air will significantly improve your well-being, and your sleep will be strong thanks to the quiet operation of the indoor unit.

There are simply no disadvantages for this price. Some users note a spontaneous decrease in temperature after prolonged use of the air conditioner, but this only indicates the presence of malfunctions. If you encounter this problem, feel free to contact the LG service center. The damage will be fixed free of charge if your air conditioner is under warranty.

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-HJ60VA / MUZ-HJ60VA

mitsubishi air conditioner

Another device designed to work in large rooms. To be more precise, in rooms with an area of up to 80 square meters. It is able not only to cool, but also to clean the air efficiently, regulate the humidity level and generally create an extremely favorable microclimate.

However, it is important to know in advance that this model of air conditioner is not characterized by economical power consumption. Manufacturers are well aware of this, so they equipped the air conditioner the «Economy» function, which will significantly reduce the cost of electricity.

However, it is important to know in advance that this model of air conditioner is not characterized by economical power consumption. Manufacturers are well aware of this, so they have equipped the air conditioner with the «Economy» function, thanks to which energy costs will be significantly reduced.


In this article, we talked about the features of inverter air conditioners and about the ten best models of devices that are great for home, apartment or office. The list includes both budget and expensive devices. In the comments below, you can tell us about your experience in choosing an inverter air conditioner. Good luck!

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