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What to do if the split system does not turn the fan?

The split system is not called a system for nothing. A modern air conditioner consists of many components combined into a single network. Each component must perform its work perfectly accurately, otherwise the entire system will start working incorrectly. But even the most technologically advanced air conditioner is not able to work forever, sooner or later one or more components fail. At the same time, they can be located both in the outdoor and in the indoor unit, thereby affecting the operation of the entire system as a whole.

However, most of the problems that arise when operating an air conditioner can be called typical. Experienced craftsmen can easily name a dozen of the most common problems faced by all users of split systems. But the palm is divided by extraneous sounds and weak cooling. Most customers of service centers come with these requests.

After the diagnosis, it turns out that either the fan of the external unit or the fan of the internal unit of the air conditioner does not work. The correct operation of the entire system depends on this simple component, so it is not surprising that when the fan fails, the air conditioner ceases to perform its functions properly. In this article, we will tell you about the main reasons why the fan does not turn and how to fix this problem.

Reasons of breakdown

what to do if the outdoor unit is buzzing

When the air conditioner is turned on, the fan does not turn on. What is the reason? In 99% of cases, the essence lies in the following problems:

  • The engine’s service life has come to an end. It is necessary to completely replace it, or replace individual components;

  • The fan, and other parts of the split system units need careful cleaning from dirt;

  • And thermostat is faulty or does not work correctly;

  • The electrical equipment is faulty or does not work correctly;

  • Problems with voltage or cables supplying voltage.

Why 99%? This problem is typical, it is faced by every experienced master from the service center. Fans stop in air conditioners with enviable regularity, so experts have long been able to determine a list of possible reasons. However, we will leave 1% on the fact that the reason may be hidden in other components.

Repair work

maintenance of the split system at home

If the fan does not work for the split system, you need to conduct a full-fledged diagnosis and find the true cause of the malfunction. This work is only possible for an experienced specialist. Do not rely on your own strength. It is unlikely that you will be able to carry out repairs with your own hands if you do not have the proper experience and skills. Entrust this difficult task to a professional.

During the diagnosis, the voltage in the power grid is checked, the operation of the capacitors is tested, the motor winding is tested, the impellers are inspected. At the same time, diagnostics is carried out both in the outdoor and in the indoor unit.

The indoor unit can not be removed from the wall. You just need to remove the decorative cover, or remove the entire case entirely. But the outdoor unit is completely dismantled, it is brought into the room and thus diagnostics is carried out. The voltage is tested using a multimeter and / or voltmeter.

Once again, we repeat that self-diagnosis and repair at home are almost impossible. This is important to understand. Performing repairs yourself, you risk significantly reducing the service life of the split system. Therefore, we recommend that you seek help from specialists from the service center.

The only thing you can do yourself is to clean the indoor unit.


maintenance of the indoor air conditioner unit

Brief instructions for cleaning the indoor unit:

  1. Remove the decorative panel from the outdoor unit. It is attached to special latches around the perimeter of the block. Carefully snap them off and lift the lid;

  2. Remove the large strainer. It is not difficult to notice it, you will see the filter immediately after removing the decorative panel. Vacuum it using a nozzle with a narrow nozzle, and rinse it thoroughly under running water. If there are stubborn dirt, use detergents for air conditioners and a soft sponge. Also, the filter can be soaked in a basin together with a detergent, 15-30 minutes will be enough. This procedure is guaranteed to remove all possible contamination;

  3. Using the same narrow nozzle, thoroughly vacuum the inside of the unit. Make sure that all large dust and insects are removed. Wipe the internal components with a soft, damp cloth using detergent. It is important that the rag is not too wet, water should not drain from it. Pay special attention to the air conditioner fan, wipe the blades carefully, but carefully, so as not to damage them. After all, your primary task is to bring the fan to life so that it starts working again;

  4. Dry the conditioner and filter in a natural way. Using a hair dryer is not the best idea. Instead, place the filter on a towel in a living room, not in direct sunlight. Wait until both the filter and the interior of the air conditioner, which you have previously cleaned, are completely dry;

  5. Install all the components in place. Check all the latches, the filter and the decorative panel should be firmly installed in their place.


Now you know why the fan in the air conditioner stopped turning or failed. The fan of the external unit can be easily replaced, so often a new part is simply installed in its place, so as not to waste time with minor repairs. Or they put new components (capacitors, impellers, etc.). Sometimes a thorough cleaning with the use of strong agents helps.

Cleaning can be carried out independently if the fan in the indoor unit does not work. In all other cases, we recommend that you contact the service center for help. The exact cause of the breakdown can only be determined by a master with experience. He will also choose the optimal solution for a particular problem. If you do not have enough practical experience and knowledge, you should not engage in self-repair of split systems. Otherwise, your air conditioner may finally fail.

Have you ever encountered the problem described in the article? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. It will be useful for both users and novice masters. We also recommend reading other articles on our website and sharing them on social networks. We wish you good luck!

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