The best air conditioners for apartments

What to choose: air conditioning or split system?

In old times, the choice of air conditioners was small and many of us did not even think about installing such a device in our apartment. Fortunately, in the 21st century, the air conditioning market has expanded significantly, and now we can choose an air conditioning system based on our needs.

However, when you first visit the store, most customers fall into a stupor. It turns out that there are many varieties of air conditioners on sale. Many questions arise. What is the difference between a conventional air conditioner and a split system? What is better to buy: air conditioning or split system? We will answer these and some other questions in our article.

General information

First, let’s look at the terminology. Air conditioning is a general term for all air cooling devices. A split system is a type of air conditioner. For this reason, comparing an air conditioner and a split system is simply impossible, because one follows from the other.

In this case, what does the term «split system» mean? This is an air conditioner consisting of two units: outdoor and indoor. The blocks are connected to each other by a system of tubes. The outdoor unit is installed on the facade of the house, and the indoor unit is installed in the room. Most often, the indoor unit is hung on the wall.

Split system

As a matter of fact, split systems with a wall-mounted indoor unit are the most common type of air conditioner at the moment. It is for this reason that many people think that air conditioning and split system are synonymous. But do not think so, because in addition to split systems, there are other types of air conditioners.

What other air conditioners are there?

A lot of different! Multi-split systems, monoblocks, VRF/VRV and many others. In this article, we will not talk in detail about each variety, since we have devoted a separate material to this topic.

However, we will tell you about two types of air conditioners that are used in private homes and apartments — monoblocks and multi-split systems.

A monoblock is an air conditioner consisting of a single unit. It can be installed in a window opening or on the floor, while having an air duct that is also output to the window. Throughout the last century, monoblocks were the main type of air conditioners, until they were replaced by split systems. Monoblocks are still used, but they are not as effective. But they are cheaper and easier to install.installing a mobile phone кондиционера

A multi-split system is an improved split system that consists of a large number of blocks (from 2 to 8). A conventional split system is only suitable for cooling one room, and a multi-split system is designed to work in several rooms at the same time. Which device to choose is up to you. Be guided by your real needs and budget.

one air conditioner for two комнаты


Air conditioning and split system are very similar concepts. After all, a split system is a kind of air conditioner. In addition to split systems, there are other types of air conditioners, which we discussed in this article. In the comments below, you can share your experience of choosing and buying an air conditioner. Your tips and recommendations will be useful for many. Good luck!

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