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What should I do the air conditioner does not cool the room well?

At the beginning of the 20th century, air conditioners appeared on the mass market and immediately aroused increased interest: now it was possible to cool even large industrial premises, not to mention offices and apartments. At that time, the functionality of air conditioners was extremely limited: only cooling is available to the user, no more. In the early 80’s, Toshiba introduced the world’s first split system, turning the market for household air conditioners around. Since then, the devices have become more and more technologically advanced and reliable.

Modern air conditioning is no longer limited to the cooling function alone. The user also has access to heating, dehumidification, air ventilation, and much more. Users understand that with such a rich functionality, it is difficult to achieve absolute reliability. But they can not imagine that the air conditioner they bought may sooner or later cease to perform its main function — cooling.

After all, the air conditioner in the apartment should create comfortable conditions for recreation, especially when we want to enjoy the cold air on hot summer days. But what if your device works worse than before? In this article, we will briefly explain why the air conditioner does not cool the room well, what are the main reasons for this unpleasant phenomenon and what can be done to fix this problem.

General information

The first thing you should know — the air conditioner works poorly not only in the presence of malfunctions. The device may not cool the room well due to the poor location of the outdoor and/or indoor unit, as well as due to special operating conditions.

This is especially noticeable in regions where the summer thermometer rises to +40 and above. The hotter it is outside, the more difficult it is for the air conditioner to effectively cool the indoor air. You need to choose the device correctly, which is designed to work in particularly hot regions.

how to configure кондиционер

And cheap air conditioners stop cooling «to the fullest» already at +30 degrees! This does not mean that the device is broken. It just works less efficiently in such conditions.

Open the technical documentation that comes with the air conditioner, and find there information about the operating temperature range (the temperature outside the window at which the device works stably). Usually this indicator is from +5 to +40 degrees. If you purchased one of the cheapest air conditioners in the store, feel free to subtract 5 degrees and get the maximum temperature at which the device will work normally, i.e. a maximum of 35 degrees.

Also, sometimes users and consultants in the store incorrectly select the power of the split system, focusing on the average indicators, without making detailed calculations based on the area and volume of the room.

But if the power is selected correctly, you live in a region without an excessively hot summer, the device is not cheap, and the installers clearly did not work for the first day when installing your air conditioner, so the reason is still a malfunction.

Fault causes and solutions

air conditioner malfunction

In most cases, the air conditioner in your home does not cool for only one reason — dust. Yes, a simple dust that we clean up in our homes, but for some reason we forget to clean the air conditioner at the same time. Each split system needs regular cleaning with disinfectants.

Cleaning should be carried out before and after the start of the season of use. Do not forget about the filters, they also need to be cleaned and replaced.

Read the brief instructions below about cleaning the indoor unit:

  1. Locate the latches around the perimeter of the indoor unit, snap them off, and remove the decorative cover. After removing it, you will see a large mesh plate on a plastic base. This is a filter. It must be removed from the air conditioner, it is attached to the latches;

  2. Vacuum the filter and the internal components of the unit using a nozzle with a narrow nozzle;

  3. Wash the filter with detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. Do the same with the indoor unit. Thoroughly wipe the internal components, use less water. If the filter is too dirty, use a brush. Also, the filter can be soaked in a basin with warm water and detergent for 15-30 minutes (depending on the product you choose, read the instructions on the label);

  4. Wait for the filter and conditioner to dry naturally. Replace the filter and decorative cover by checking the latches.


MDV Air Conditioner Error Codes

If you clean the indoor unit, but after a short period of time, the air conditioner has become worse at cooling, most likely the reason is the contamination of the outdoor unit. To clean it, you will have to call a master, since only an experienced specialist can carry out these works independently. Especially if the unit is mounted at a high altitude.

Sometimes the cause of insufficient cooling lies in a leak of freon or a malfunction of the fan motor. In this case, you will definitely not be able to fix this problem yourself. And it is quite difficult to determine the exact cause of the malfunction, if you do not have enough experience. We recommend calling a service center technician to fix the problem quickly and at no extra cost. If you neglect the help of a specialist, the device may fail and subsequently require more expensive and complex repairs.


Even a modern technological air conditioner is not immune from breakdowns and malfunctions. Rather the opposite: due to the rich functionality and many components of the split system is difficult to call reliable. After all, the simpler the device, the more stable and durable it performs its work. However, users rarely think about it and then get frustrated when the device fails.

If your air conditioner does not cool or does not cool enough, perform a complete cleaning and disinfection. Often, the device does not work effectively enough only because of the dirt and dust that has accumulated in the air conditioner. If this does not help, call the wizard from the service center. Special craftsmen can fix the split system with their own hands, but often they do not have the skill or experience in conducting a full-fledged diagnosis. And the quality of the diagnosis directly depends on the quality of the repair: to correctly solve the problem, first you need to identify the root cause.

In the event of a breakdown, we recommend that you contact a service center or a private master that you trust. He has not only experience and knowledge, but also professional tools for diagnostics and repairs. Believe me, an experienced master has already faced such a problem more than once or twice, this is a typical case for him. Thanks to his experience, he will be able to do his job quickly and efficiently, if you, of course, choose a professional performer.

Wizards and users can share their experiences in the comments below. Have you encountered the problem described in the article? Tell us about it. Give some useful recommendations. Also check out other useful articles on our website. Good luck!

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