What should I do if water drips from the external air conditioner unit?

What should I do if water drips from the external air conditioner unit?

The split system is called a system for a reason. After all, the air conditioner is a whole complex of various components connected to each other in a single whole. The performance of the entire air conditioner depends on each of the details.

It is necessary to understand that in such a complex system, nothing can work forever. Sooner or later something will break, even if you have purchased an expensive high-quality air conditioner from a well-known manufacturer.

After months and years of operation, users begin to complain about various malfunctions. We tell about many of them on our website. Today we will talk about condensate leaks. In this article, we will briefly explain why the outdoor unit of the air conditioner begins to drip, what to do about it and what features should be taken into account.


air conditioner tube

First, let’s deal with the basics. During operation, condensation forms in the air conditioner. It must be regularly taken out of the system. For this purpose, a drainage system was invented.

Its simplest version is a drainage tray (it is located in the indoor unit) and a drainage tube (it is connected to the pallet and output to the street). The condensate slowly collects in the pan, and then flows out through the tube to the street. By gravity or with the help of a drainage pump, which helps excess water to flow out of the split system.

If you look out of the window and see that water is dripping next to or under the outdoor unit, take a closer look. Where exactly is the condensate dripping from? With a high probability, you will find that water flows out of a thin corrugated tube.

Water cannot drip from the housing of the external air conditioner unit! Simply because the drainage system is not connected to the outdoor unit in any way. It removes excess moisture from the indoor unit, not the external one. If it seems to you that it is the outdoor unit that is dripping, most likely you simply do not see the drainage tube.

And the outdoor unit can freeze in the cold season, and then thaw. In this case, it will seem outwardly as if the water is dripping from the outdoor unit and something is wrong. If you are concerned about water flowing from the external unit, call a specialist. He will confirm that everything is in order, and at the same time will conduct a diagnosis. Suddenly there will be other malfunctions that need to be eliminated.


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Another question is if the internal block, not the external one, is flowing. This is a common problem that occurs due to the lack of regular maintenance of the air conditioner. However, we will tell you about this later, when we talk in more detail about solving such unpleasant problems with air conditioning.

Remember that any air conditioner needs regular maintenance! At least twice a year, the split system must be cleaned of dirt and disinfected. The indoor unit can be cleaned with your own hands, but it is better to entrust the outdoor unit to a professional. Working at height involves a risk to life and health.

Solving the problem

external unit hums

There is no solution, because this is not a problem at all. Let’s repeat: the outdoor unit cannot drip, the drainage system is connected only to the indoor unit. Water flows down from the outdoor unit only if it is frozen and has started to thaw.

But if you find that water is dripping from the indoor unit (it is fixed on the wall in the room), then this is a reason to call a specialist. Condensate should not enter the room, it should be regularly drained to the street through a drainage pipe.

If you are faced with such a problem, most likely the pipe is clogged and the water can not flow out to the street. It is collected in a tray, which in turn overflows, and the water literally pours out of the indoor unit directly into the room.

In most cases, the drainage tube is clogged with insects, dirt and poplar fluff. Insects accidentally fall into the tube, or intentionally settle there, clogging the hole and not allowing excess moisture to flow out into the street. In this case, cleaning the drainage system with a conventional long cable helps.

Such work can be carried out independently, but we still recommend that you entrust it to a specialist. After all, to clean the drainage, you first need to empty the drainage tray, and it is not so easy to remove it from the indoor unit. In addition, you will have to get the pallet in an overflowing state, along with dirt, insects and possibly even mold. Believe me, this is not the most pleasant thing that you can do in your free time.


First of all, the water from the outdoor unit cannot drip. The drainage system is not connected to the external unit. And it is normal if you see water dripping from a thin corrugated tube. If the outdoor unit starts dripping by itself, most likely it just froze, and then began to thaw.

But if the indoor unit drips, then this is a reason to call the master. A specialist will diagnose and find out what is the cause of the leak. And also will select the best option for solving this problem. However, it is necessary to approach the issue of choosing a specialist wisely. Contact a major service center that values its reputation and gives a guarantee for its services.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. If you have any experience solving this problem, please share it. Give some useful tips for wizards and users. Your recommendations will be useful for many. We wish you good luck!

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