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What should I do if there is no water dripping from the air conditioner tube?

At first, the air conditioner works stably and often pleases its owner. But it takes several months (or even years at best) and users begin to complain about various malfunctions.

You need to understand that breakdowns will occur even in the most modern and technologically advanced air conditioner, since it is a complex system. It consists of many components. And if one of the parts starts working incorrectly, the device as a whole will not work stably.

One of the most unusual problems that users face is condensation that does not flow out of the drainage tube.

In this article, we will briefly tell you what to do if excess condensate does not drain from the split system, is it normal if water does not drip from the drainage tube, and what nuances should be taken into account.

General information

water flows from the external air conditioner unit

The air conditioner is equipped with a drainage system that removes excess moisture to the street, preventing it from accumulating in the device and flowing into the room. The simplest drainage system consists of a tube and a pallet. Condensate gradually collects in the pan, from there it flows out by gravity into the street through the tube.

If you find that your air conditioner does not have water flowing from the tube, pay close attention to this point.

In which cases you should not worry:

  • The device operates in ventilation mode. When operating in this mode, no condensation is formed, so you do not see how water flows out of the drainage tube. Simply put, it is not in the system;

  • A small temperature difference between the room and the set operating mode. If you have +25 in your room, and you have set the temperature to +22 on the air conditioner, then in this mode the system will emit a very small amount of condensate. Water from the tube will flow out in small quantities and quite rarely, you will have to look at the tube for a long time to catch this moment. The water begins to drip noticeably when the difference reaches 5-7 degrees Celsius;

  • The air conditioner has been working in cooling mode for quite a short time, less than an hour. Condensation does not form instantly. It is slowly collected in the drainage tray and is also slowly taken out to the street through the drainage tube. If you have just turned on the device and are worried that condensation is not dripping from the tube, wait an hour or two and check again.

Causes and repairs

the outdoor unit does not start

If there is no water dripping from your air conditioner, you need to figure out what’s wrong. We will list the main reasons and offer solutions.

Signs Reasons Repair
Condensate does not drain from the drainage tube. Water from the indoor unit flows directly into the room. The drainage system of the air conditioner is clogged. A hole is clogged in the drainage pipe, because of which water cannot flow out to the street and flows through the indoor unit directly into the room. The drainage tray also overflows, there is nowhere for the condensate to drain. It remains in the system until it leaks into the room. It is necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the drainage tube along the entire length, as well as empty the drainage tray and check and clean it.
The indoor unit is dirty and needs a comprehensive cleaning. First of all, pay attention to the plastic mesh filter. If it is heavily polluted, the system will begin to take away the necessary part of the air through the drainage tube, which is why the condensate will not flow normally to the street. Soon the tray will overflow and the water will be on your walls and on the floor. A complete cleaning of the indoor unit and, preferably, the outdoor one is required. The indoor unit can be cleaned with your own hands. It is better to entrust the outdoor unit to a specialist. Working at height involves a risk to life and health.
The device with a drain pump does not make the usual sounds of operation. At the same time, the air conditioner works, and the condensate does not flow down the drainage pipe. Instead, water flows from the indoor unit directly into the room. The drainage pump is probably out of order. This part is necessary if the drainage pipe is too long and the condensate cannot flow out of the system by gravity. If the pump fails or does not work properly, excess water will remain in the system, the drainage pan will overflow and soon the water will pour into the room. The drainage pump must be repaired or removed and a new part must be put in its place.
Water does not flow out of the drainage pipe, although the air conditioner was installed only a few days ago. At the same time, the indoor unit leaks a little, small drops of water are visible. The installers performed their work insufficiently qualitatively. Most likely, they chose the wrong angle of the drainage pipe, the water simply does not flow from it to the street. If you use the device actively, the drainage tray can be filled in a few days, and then the water will flow into the room. And the reason will be hidden precisely in the wrong installation. The drainage tube is removed and laid again, carefully selecting the angle of the slope.

These are just the most common reasons why condensate does not flow from the drainage pipe, what are the causes and solutions to this problem. At home, you will not be able to independently determine what exactly the problem is. In any case, you will have to call the wizard from the service center.

Give preference to a large service center that values its reputation and gives a guarantee for services.


If water does not drip from the drainage tube, this is an excuse to contact the service center for help. You will not be able to determine the exact cause of the malfunction on your own, a system diagnosis is necessary.

Contact a major service center. It is important that the company gives a written guarantee for its work. If you have friends or relatives who can suggest the contacts of a professional master, be sure to write them down and use them at a critical moment.

In this article, we briefly described why condensate does not drip from the air conditioner and what to do about it. A specialist with experience will be able to determine why condensate does not drip from the air conditioner. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. We wish you good luck!

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