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What should I do if the neighbor’s air conditioner drips from above?

Every day your rest at home is accompanied by the monotonous sound of drops on the metal window ebb. Or maybe your things stored on the open balcony have started to deteriorate from the constant water dripping from above.

It’s all the fault of the neighbor’s air conditioner, from which you can see a pipe for draining condensate… Every day, excess liquid flows down on your windows. What to do and where to complain? Let’s figure it out.

Why is the air conditioner dripping?

Before you go to the neighbors with a threatening expression on your face, let’s figure out why the air conditioners are dripping.

The usual wall-mounted air conditioner consists of two blocks: external and internal. When working in the indoor unit, condensate is formed, which is discharged to the street by a special drainage system. Next to the outdoor unit installed on the facade of the house, you can see a thin corrugated tube. The water flows out through it.

This is absolutely normal, the air conditioner just needs to remove excess moisture. However, conscientious neighbors install a very long drainage pipe so that the water does not torment other residents by dripping on the windowsill around the clock. But often the owners of air conditioners do not even think about where the water will flow.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that previously the installation of the air conditioner had to be coordinated with the HOA, and now it is not necessary. Employees of the HOA checked how well the installation was done, but now no one is doing this. The responsibility for the removal of condensate falls on the shoulders of the owner of the air conditioner.

How to solve the problem?

If you are tormented by a neighbor’s dripping air conditioner, there are several ways to solve this problem.

The most obvious option is a personal talking. Do not argue with your neighbors it is better to politely ask to correct the situation. Have a heart-to-heart talk, explain yourself without scandals and calling the police. The more aggressive you are, the less likely you are to be heard.

negotiate with соседями

If the peaceful method did not help, you will have to be patient, paper and a pen. The first thing you can do is write to the HOA. By law, they are required to be responsible for the air conditioners installed on the facades of the houses they serve. Please inform them in writing that your neighbor has violated the installation technology, that condensation damages your property, as well as the facade of the building, and that the noise from dripping water interferes with a comfortable stay.

In the best case, the HOA will respond to the application with a check and oblige the neighbor to fix the problem. At worst, they will ignore you or send you an unsubscribe, while the neighbors ‘ air conditioner will still continue to drip on your windows. What should I do in this case?

complaint to the GJI

Most likely, after such a check, your neighbor will never treat you like a human being again. Be prepared for this. You still have to live with this person for many years in the same neighboorhood. Try to resolve the conflict personally.


If the neighbor’s air conditioner drips on your windows and things, the problem can be solved through the HOA. The latter option is particularly radical, use it if no measures have helped. The best option is to negotiate with a neighbor in person, without complaints.

If you have previously struggled with neighbors who have allowed the wrong installation of air conditioning, share your experience in the comments below. It will be useful for many readers of our site. Good luck!

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