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What should I do if the air conditioner is rattling?

Modern air conditioners work much quieter than their predecessors. And even more: manufacturers are launching lines of devices on the market, the volume of which does not exceed 20 dB! This is a real dream for everyone who is tired of the noise of the city and does not want to hear extraneous sounds upon returning home. And so you get such a modern technological device, install it and get ready to enjoy the silence…

Not even a couple of days have passed since the installation of the split system, and it already works too noisily. Or, perhaps, you have been operating an air conditioner for several years, but suddenly you began to hear a distinct rattling from the outdoor or indoor unit? Excessive or atypical noise is one of the most common problems. Most users encounter it. Do not rush to worry ahead of time!

In this article, we will list the main reasons why your air conditioner is rattling a lot, why the air conditioner has become very noisy and what measures should be taken to eliminate the noise of the external unit. Read it to the end, so as not to miss important nuances.


air conditioner crackles

If you bought one of the most inexpensive air conditioners in the store and after installation you heard a characteristic rattling, do not be surprised. Budget devices can work quite noisily, because they are assembled from low-quality components in factories with cheap labor.

There are many components in the air conditioner that can emit extraneous noise. And the lower the quality of the components, the higher the chance that over time the device will start to rattle distinctly. In this case, the sound may not come from one specific place, but from the entire block as a whole. In this case, you may even notice how the body of the device «shakes» on the brackets.

Have you decided to change a cheap split system for a better option? Give preference to devices from the middle or premium segment from well-known manufacturers. Pay attention to the availability of a warranty, and also take care of regular maintenance of the air conditioner.

In detail

Let’s go back to the reasons. If you have a high-quality air conditioner at your disposal that has started rattling or making other unpleasant sounds, listen carefully and determine where the suspicious noise is coming from. In most cases, the culprit is the outdoor unit, or rather loose fasteners or the absence of rubber gaskets in places with increased vibration. Mechanical wear of the internal components of the unit is also possible.

rubber gaskets at the air conditioner

Also, the cause of unpleasant rattling can be ordinary dust and dirt, which can easily get inside the outdoor unit through the ventilation holes. In this case, the unit must be thoroughly washed, including from the inside, after removing the housing. If the outdoor unit is installed at a height of no more than two meters, you can try to perform this procedure yourself.

But we still recommend contacting a specialist from the service center. He will conduct a full-fledged diagnosis and determine the true cause of the rattling. And at the same time, most likely, it will detect other malfunctions. Also, high-altitude work is often associated with a health risk, so cleaning the outdoor unit without proper skill can be dangerous.

However, you can make your contribution if you take up the disinfection of the indoor unit. In general, cleaning should be carried out regularly, at least 1-2 times a year, but it is better to do it more often. This task can be handled by the owner himself, if he allocates a few hours of free time.


maintenance of the split system at home

To clean the indoor unit, it is necessary to remove the decorative cover (it is attached to special latches), remove the plastic filter, vacuum it and the inside of the unit. After removing large dust particles and insects, the filter and the internal components of the unit are cleaned with a detergent, a soft sponge and a damp cloth. The filter can also be rinsed under running water.

Also, the cause of rattling can be a worn-out old compressor, a faulty fan, ice on the outdoor unit when using the device at a stable sub-zero temperature.

The exact cause of the noise can only be determined by a master with experience, so you should not carry out repair work at home after reading a couple of articles on the Internet. Believe me, this is not the best idea.


The main mistakes of McQuay air conditioners

Let’s give some recommendations for novice masters. Before fixing the problem, determine the exact cause! Do not perform repairs at random, based only on the words of the customer. Diagnose the split system, clean it and check its operability.

See if there are rubber gaskets between the outdoor unit and the brackets, assess the level of their wear. Install new ones, if necessary, choose high-quality gaskets, do not save money. Explain to the customer that cheap gaskets have to be changed every year, and high-quality ones are not so expensive.

If the source of the rattling was a fan or compressor, dismantle them and buy new ones. Or replace individual components that are responsible for proper operation. We also recommend installing a gasket between the compressor and the device body to reduce the intensity of vibrations during the operation of the split system.

This is all that a novice master can do. In other cases, you will need the help of a more experienced colleague from the service center.

A few words for the owners of split systems. The only thing you can do with your own hands is to clean and disinfect the indoor unit. If, after cleaning, the air conditioner has started working in normal mode and no longer makes extraneous sounds, then the problem lies precisely in poor-quality or untimely maintenance. You should take care of regular cleaning of the indoor unit. And also periodically use the services of craftsmen who will clean the outdoor unit.


Most users contact the service center with complaints about unpleasant noise coming from the air conditioner. Monotonous or, conversely, sudden rattling irritates owners of air conditioners. And it certainly does not contribute to comfortable operation. If your device makes a lot of noise, contact the service center that you trust for maintenance. Only a specialist with experience will be able to find the true cause of an unpleasant loud rattling.

It is not necessary to carry out repair work yourself, if you do not want to reduce the service life of the air conditioner. The only thing you can do with your own hands is to clean the indoor unit. It’s not difficult at all! But you need to stock up on a couple of hours of free time, high-quality detergent and a stable stepladder. You can also try to remove dirt from the external unit of the air conditioner, if you have access to it. But we do not recommend performing these works at home, it is better to call the service center.

If you have previously encountered a similar problem, tell us about your experience in the comments below. It will be very useful for both masters and users. Share your secrets of repair and maintenance of the split system. Check out other useful materials on our website and do not forget to share your favorite articles on your social networks. We wish you good luck!

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