air conditioner is not colding

What should I do if the air conditioner is not colding or blows warm air?

Owners of split systems often face problems in the operation of the device. They complain that after a year of operation, their air conditioner warms but does not cool the room. Or after switching on the cooling mode, it suddenly begins to blow intensively with warm air, like a fan!

Or after some time after work, there is no cold air, or it is supplied too slowly, barely perceptibly. But, of course, most users are put into a stupor by the situation when a warm air flow comes from the air conditioner.

In this article, we will explain in detail why the split system does not work effectively for cooling, stops cooling, list the main reasons why the air conditioner does not cool, and offer effective solutions to this problem.

Please note

air conditioning does not work

Before you worry about the fact that the system has stopped working correctly, read the indirect reasons:

  • Insufficient waiting time. Any, even the most modern split systems, switch from mode to mode for a long time. From the moment of pressing the button to a really noticeable coolness, it can take from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the cost of the device and its quality. Simply put, an air conditioner will not provide you with an instant feeling of cold, as a fan does. We need to wait a little.

  • Insufficient power of the air conditioner. This is one of the most common reasons for insufficient cooling. Buyers select an air conditioner «by eye», focusing on the price and appearance, completely forgetting about the technical characteristics. Power is one of the most important indicators, you need to pay special attention to it when buying a device. The power is selected based on the area of the room. The simplest calculation: 1 kW = 10 m2. But in the right store, a specialist will make more detailed calculations and select an air conditioner that can cool even a large room.

  • Improper operation. If you open the windows, doors and at the same time turn on the air conditioner, you should not hope for its effective operation. The split system works correctly only if all the places of possible «leakage» of cold are closed. This item can also be linked to the previous one. Buyers choose an air conditioner for one room, but leave the door open, and as a result, the device cools the corridor together with the room. In such conditions, cooling will definitely be insufficient.


These are the main reasons. They can be easily corrected. However, there is nothing you can do about the power. You can try to dismantle the device and hand it back to the store, if it provides such an opportunity.

However, if you waited 20 minutes, the power was initially selected optimal, and the windows and doors are closed, but there is insufficient cooling or there is no cooling at all, then the reason lies in the device itself.

You can perform an independent diagnosis. Of course, it is difficult to call it professional, but this way you will have the opportunity to find out how effectively the device works.


air conditioner malfunctions

To make a diagnosis, you will need a thermometer. With it, you need to measure the temperature in the indoor unit. Place the thermometer on the body of the device, near the air intake grilles. After 15-20 minutes, fix the indicators.

next, you need to measure the temperature at the outdoor unit. This is only possible if the ventilation openings are at arm’s length. Otherwise, refuse to diagnose, do not risk your health by trying to measure the temperature at a high altitude from the ground.

Carefully insert the thermometer into the opening of the ventilation grate. Be careful, it should not get inside the body of the device, otherwise you will have to call a specialist. Wait the same 20 minutes and fix the indicators.

So, we have the temperature of the indoor and outdoor unit. The difference should be at least 7 degrees and not more than 15 degrees. If your indicators differ from the norm, then the air conditioner is faulty.

If the checks are carried out and you are convinced that your air conditioner began to work incorrectly due to internal breakdowns, read the article to the end. Next, we talk about the main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them.

Malfunctions, causes and ways of correction

The main mistakes of McQuay air conditioners

So, you have made sure that your air conditioner does not cool. Let’s see what could be the reason. We will list the main problems. Some of them you can handle yourself. But in most cases, you will still have to consult a specialist.

Description Reason Decision
The air conditioner does not work efficiently enough/cools the air slowly You set the temperature too high when setting up the device. If you want to cool the air quickly, set the minimum temperature (for example, 16 degrees), and then switch to a more comfortable one (for example, 22 degrees). You can also press the «TURBO» button, if it is on the remote control. So you will turn on the intensive mode of operation. After a while, it will automatically turn off.
The air conditioner is turned on, air flows are felt, but not the cooling mode does not work Most likely, you turned on the ventilation mode by mistake instead of the cooling mode. Turn on the cooling mode. Instructions describe in detail how this can be done.
In the cooling mode, the device blows warm air You probably mistakenly turned on the heating mode instead of the cooling mode. Turn on the cooling mode. The instructions describe in detail how this can be done.
The cooling is insufficient, the indoor unit freezes and / or condensate flows into the room Your air conditioner needs maintenance. Dust, insects and pollen clog both the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner, and also get clogged into the drainage tube. Therefore, the split system must be serviced at least twice a year. You can clean the indoor unit with your own hands. It is better to entrust the outdoor unit to a specialist. You can clean the drainage tube and the drainage tray yourself. To clean the indoor unit, you will need: detergent for the air conditioner, a soft cloth, a sponge, a brush, a vacuum cleaner and a nozzle with a narrow nozzle, water, a stable stepladder, an hour or two of free time. Open the decorative cover, remove the filter (mesh plate on a plastic base). Rinse it under the tap, clean it if there are any dirt left. Vacuum the inside of the unit. Clean using a moderate amount of water. Dry the filter and the unit naturally. Do not use a hair dryer. Replace the filter, close the decorative cover.
The cooling is insufficient, while the outdoor unit periodically goes silent The outdoor unit needs a comprehensive cleaning. Due to the dirt that gets into the unit from the street, the operation of the fan and/or compressor stops. In this case, the cooling is not felt at all. If the fan and/or compressor are not working properly, then the cooling is not intense enough. The outdoor unit can be cleaned with your own hands if it is located at a height of no more than two meters. In all other cases, it is better to call a specialist, since such work can be dangerous for your life and health. In addition, cleaning the outdoor unit is more complex and time-consuming. We recommend that you entrust this work to a master.
The air conditioner supplies warm air instead of cold. At the same time, the outdoor unit periodically goes silent, only the soft sounds of the fan rotation are heard There is insufficient voltage in your power supply. Because of this, the device will work unstable, overheat. If you have the skills, install a relay with which you can control the voltage. Or call the wizard from the service center.

If none of the listed solutions helped to correct the situation, then the problem lies in the individual parts of the air conditioner. We need to conduct a full diagnosis and determine what exactly is broken. This is only possible for an experienced specialist, so you should not count on self-repair at home.


On a hot summer day, you turned the air conditioner into cooling mode, but after a few minutes the device began to blow warm or even blow hot air? Or has it stopped working altogether? This problem is familiar to many owners of split systems. unfortunately, even users of relatively expensive and technically complex devices face it.

In this article, we tried to explain simply and clearly why the air conditioner blows warm air in the apartment, why the air conditioner does not blow cold air and how you can fix these unpleasant problems.

If after your manipulations, the air conditioner does not work on the cooling mode, call the wizard. He will conduct a full diagnosis, determine the exact cause of the breakdown and will be able to quickly fix it. After all, in addition to tools, skills and experience are important. We wish you good luck!

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