air conditioner drips in the room

What should I do if the air conditioner drips in the room?

At home, you made an expensive repair, installed an air conditioner, but after a few months you found water drops on the internal unit of the air conditioner or, even worse, on the brand-new wallpaper… At the same time, extraneous sounds are not heard in the air conditioner, and it is unclear what happened to the split system? And some users are faced with an even more strange problem: water flows out of the unit, although the device is turned off!

In most cases, the reason lies in the compartment for the air conditioner, in which condensate is collected. However, we will tell you about this (and many other things) in detail in the article. You will learn how to avoid the appearance of water on the indoor unit, why there are such strange breakdowns in the air conditioner, whether the split system can break due to improper operation and what to do if it is suddenly discovered that your air conditioner is leaking in the apartment.

General information

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Water from the split system drips for a reason. Let’s figure out why such troubles occur in the work of the split system.

The split system is designed in such a way that a large amount of condensate is formed during its operation.

The condensate is collected in a special drainage tray, which is located in the internal unit of the air conditioner. A tube is attached to the pallet, through which the condensate flows out into the street. if there is excess water in the drainage compartment for the air conditioner, which does not go anywhere, the drainage tray overflows and condensate flows out of the air conditioner into the room.

Three varieties of this problem:

  1. The condensate is not discharged from the pan through the drainage pipe. If the tube is clogged, water remains in the pan, it has nowhere to drain. As a result, the condensate flows from the split system into the room;

  2. The condensate flows past the pan. It also happens that water suddenly flowed out of the air conditioner due to the incorrect position of the drainage tray. Such situations occur if the master or the user after cleaning put the drainage tray with an offset or at an angle;

  3. The condensate enters the fan. In this case, users complain that the air conditioner seems to spit water into the room. This problem occurs due to other problems in the operation of the split system.

The leak of the split system into the room is always a reason to pay attention to the air conditioner. There should be no condensation dripping from the air conditioners. If the device began to work atypically, make strange sounds — call the master. He will conduct a full diagnosis and identify the true cause of the malfunction.


If, after many months or even many years of operation, water began to drip into the room from the split system, the reason may be hidden both in a harmless blockage and in a serious breakdown. Below you can find out the main reasons.

Signs Reasons Repair
The air conditioner suddenly flowed into the apartment. The amount of water increases if the room is hot and at the same time a low cooling temperature is set. Drainage system is clogged and water remains in it. The problem arises if the insects have chosen the drainage tube and clogged it, preventing the condensate from freely draining into the street. It is necessary to clean the drainage tube, as well as empty the drainage tray.
The air conditioner is leaking, or it seems as if the device is spitting out water. The filters located in the internal unit of the air conditioner are dirty and need to be cleaned. Clogging of the filter of the indoor unit of the air conditioner often leads to improper operation of the drainage system. A comprehensive cleaning of the indoor unit is also necessary. It is necessary to clean the fan and other internal components. You need to clean the filters and the indoor unit.
The sounds of a working drainage pump are not heard if it is installed in the air conditioner. Condensate drips from the split. The drainage pump is out of order. If the drainage tube is too long and the water can not flow out to the street by gravity, the masters install a pump so that it removes excess water to the street. If the pump breaks down, the pallet overflows, a leak forms. The drainage pump needs to be replaced.

Other reasons

Why is water dripping from indoor air conditioners? In addition to the main reasons that we have listed above, there are a number of additional ones. There may be breakdowns in the internal unit of the air conditioner, which lead to leaks.

Signs Reasons Repair
The air conditioner drips or spits out condensate, while the evaporator in the indoor unit is covered with ice, cooling is insufficient. The screen may display an error about a lack of freon or low pressure in the system. Insufficient amount of refrigerating agent in the air conditioning system. It is permissible for freon to evaporate naturally during operation, or a leak could occur. If the reason lies in insufficient pressure, the evaporator may freeze and then thaw. Because of what the water will drain into the room. Diagnostics is necessary. If a leak is detected, the air conditioning system must be refueled with a refrigerating agent.
Condensate flows from the air conditioner into the apartment, while cooling is practically not felt. The fan in the indoor unit has failed, or is running at too low a speed. Because of this, the corrector is covered with a crust of ice, which eventually melts and water flows from the air conditioners into the room. The fan needs to be repaired or replaced with a new one.
The device drips into the room, the corrector is covered with a crust of ice, while the air comes in full force, but it can not be called cool. Capillary tube is clogged, the circulation process of the refrigerating agent is disrupted, the manufacturer of the system falls. At the same time, the device tries to compensate for this by working at the limit of its capabilities. Subsequently, the evaporator may be covered with a layer of ice. After a while, the ice will melt, condensation will form, and you will see that water is dripping into the room. This problem occurs in conventional air conditioners, non-invertor ones. The capillary tube must be thoroughly cleaned, or replaced with a new one. The blockage is eliminated under pressure with the help of special tools and a hydraulic device. If the tube cannot be cleaned in this way, it is cut out and a new one is put in its place.
The temperature control valve has failed, or incorrect settings have been set. This problem occurs in inverter air conditioners. Such devices need a more subtle and precise adjustment of the flow of the refrigerating agent. This task is performed by a temperature-regulating valve. It, like any other part, can fail. If the valve is faulty, the wrong pressure is set, the refrigerant may boil. The compressor works constantly and at full power, ice forms on the evaporator. The ice melts, as a result, the air conditioner flows from the indoor unit. You need to set the correct settings, or replace the temperature control valve.
The device freezes, condensate drips into the room, while the compressor is working at full capacity, it does not turn off. The temperature sensor on the evaporator has failed and no longer monitors the current temperature indicators. When the temperature on the evaporator decreases, the cooling is automatically turned off, the system does not work efficiently, the condensate flows into the room. The temperature sensor needs to be replaced.
Condensate flows from the air conditioner, the device does not work well, the settings switch by themselves or other specific failures occur. The control board is out of order and needs to be repaired or completely replaced. Due to failures in the operation of the board, the condensation temperature is insufficient, which causes ice to form. Over time, it melts and the water flows into the room. Diagnostics and repair are required, or a complete replacement of the control board.

These are the most common reasons why the air conditioner leaks. If you find that condensation is dripping from the split system into the room, call the master.


Water drops on the wall or on the body of the indoor unit do not bode well. Users rightly start to worry when they discover this nuisance. You should always pay close attention to such things, and call the masters from the service center in time.

So, you have made sure that water is flowing from the wall-mounted indoor unit of the air conditioner. Don’t worry about it. Most likely, the reason lies in the drainage system. Over time, water is collected in the compartment for the air conditioner, it must be drained periodically, as well as the drainage pipe must be cleaned.

There are other reasons why the internal unit of the split system drips. We have listed them in the article. You can deal with some malfunctions yourself, for example, clean the drainage. But in other cases, you will have to call the wizard.

In the comments below, you can tell about your experience. Share recommendations on what to do if the air conditioner drips in the room. We wish you good luck!

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