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What kind of air conditioner to buy for an apartment?

Before buying an air conditioner, there is always a question about which split systems are worth considering. In this article, we will tell you about the 10 best air conditioners for use in an apartment. We will present a brief overview of seven split systems and three mobile air conditioners, since not all of us have the opportunity to install a split system in an apartment building.

Best split systems

Daichi Peak DA25AVQS1-S/DF25AVS1

The first model in our list of household air conditioners is the Peak DA25AVQS1-S/DF25AVS1 from Daichi. This is a 2.5 kW inverter unit. It will be able to cool a room with an area of up to 20-23 square meters. There is a built-in air heating mode, you can use the air conditioner not only on hot summer days, but also in the off-season.

The device is quite quiet: it produces noise at the level of 25-40 dB, depending on the operating mode. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi, but you need to purchase a special additional module.

Buyers praise the reasonable price and rich functionality, as well as the built-in backlight, which can be turned off if necessary.

Electrolux Arctic X Super DC Inverter EACS/I-09HAR_X/N3

electrolux air conditioner for apartment

If you are looking for which air conditioner is best to choose for use in an apartment, pay attention to the Electrolux brand. Specifically, this model is designed for use in rooms with an area of up to 20 square meters. This is a very quiet air conditioner, it produces noise at the level of 20-23 dB.

Unfortunately, Wi-Fi control is not available here. But there are modes of cooling and heating the air. Customers like a very quiet operation, especially the outdoor unit, which is important if the air conditioner is installed in a country house.

Electrolux Avalanche Super DC Inverter EACS/I-09HAV/N8_19Y

electrolux air conditioner

In our rating of the best air conditioners, there are two devices from the Electrolux brand at once. This is not surprising, because the manufacturer offers a high-quality inverter air conditioner, which it is able to cool or heat the air in a room with an area of up to 25-28 square meters. It’s a little louder than the previous model, but it does have Wi-Fi support.

To take advantage of this feature, you need to purchase a special module separately. If you need a reliable and moderately powerful air conditioner, take a closer look at this model. You can easily buy it in any large store and connect it quite quickly.

Gree G-Tech Inverter R32 GWH09AEC-K6DNA1A

Another inverter machine on our list. It will cope with cooling and heating the air in a room with an area of up to 27 square meters! This is a very quiet air conditioner. In quiet mode, it emits noise at a level of no more than 20 dB. It also has Wi-Fi support, and it’s built-in. You do not have to buy any additional modules.

In our opinion, this is one of the best inverter air conditioners in our rating. It is energy-efficient, functional and is able to work even at -15 degrees outside the window. And what else is needed for the average buyer?

Oasis OT-7

Oasis home air conditioner

Quite a budget device in our rating of wall split systems in 2021. It is designed to work in a room of up to 20 square meters. Wi-Fi is not supported, and the level of The noise level is far from the record 20 dB and below. In short, this is an excellent device for unassuming customers.

If you do not have strict noise requirements and do not need to cool a huge room, pay attention to the Oasis OT-7. It will fit in the apartment.

Gree Bee Techno Inverter R32 GWH09QB-K6DNA5I (Wi-Fi)

gree air conditioner for apartment

This model of air conditioner may surprise you. It’s powerful enough to cool down to 25 square meters, although according to reviews it copes perfectly with 35 sq. m.! The noise level is low, there is a built-in Wi-Fi control function.

And it is also an inverter, economical and very stylish. The indoor unit looks modern, it will perfectly fit into any interior. According to customer reviews, this model is one of the best on the market the market in terms of price — quality ratio.

Hisense NEO Classic A AS-09HR4SYDDC

The latest model in the list of the best split systems is NEO Classic A AS-09HR4SYDDC from Hisense. In general , this is a good air conditioner, in which there is nothing superfluous. No Wi-Fi, no ultra-quiet operation. But it perfectly copes with the cooling of 25 square meters, works stably, saves electricity and does not cause any problems with installation and maintenance.

Best mobile air conditioners

Ballu BPAC-09 CE_17Y

ballu mobile air conditioner

Now let’s talk about mobile air conditioners for apartments. As expected, the device from Ballu should have appeared in this list. In recent years, this brand has gained great popularity in the Russia and the CIS countries.

Specifically, this model boasts an acceptable cost and high power (2.5 kW). It will cope with the cooling of a room with an area of up to 25 square meters, not to mention smaller rooms.

There is no Wi-Fi or other newfangled features. But it is reliable and inexpensive. Of the disadvantages, we will answer a high noise level, but this is a property of all mobile air conditioners.

Electrolux EACM-9 CG/N3

electric suite outdoor air conditioner

And again Electrolux. This is the third model from this manufacturer, this time in mobile execution. In our opinion, this is one of the best mobile air conditioners for the home. It is smaller than the Ballu, looks nicer, is quite powerful and has similar characteristics. Its high efficiency is confirmed by reviews from satisfied customers.

Electrolux EACM-8 CL/N3

Electrolux EACM-11CL/N3

If you liked the previous model, but the power is too much, take a closer look at this model. There is only 2.4 kW here. The device will cope with the cooling of a room up to 20 square meters. The remaining characteristics are identical to the previous model.

However, in the reviews, buyers advise that it is better to buy a split system in an apartment, if there is such a possibility. In general, we agree with this opinion. Low-power split system at times better and more efficient than a mobile air conditioner. But if you have no choice, the mobile device can be a real salvation in the hot summer days.


In this article, we talked about the best air conditioners that can be purchased in 2021 for an apartment, a small office or a country house. We didn’t mention how much they cost the presented models of air conditioners, as the dollar exchange rate often changes and prices rise.

To determine which device is the best, make a small comparison of air conditioners. Choose the device you like the most and think about what features you need, and for which you should not overpay. And remember, there is no single answer to the question of which split systems are better. This is a purely individual choice. Good luck!

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