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What is a multi-split air conditioning system?

Modern technically sophisticated air conditioners are designed on the basis of classic, proven systems, but a number of innovative features are used in their development.

One of these systems is multisplit. It is often used in apartments, offices, restaurants and other areas where it is important to cool or heat several rooms at the same time. In this article, we will tell you in detail what it is, what are the pros and cons of a multi-air conditioner, what to consider during installation and how to keep the device working for many years.

General information

Multi-split air conditioning system is a modern technological system of cooling, heating and air purification, designed on the basis of a standard split system, but has a number of distinctive features.

First of all, a multi-split system consists of a single outdoor unit (also called an outdoor unit), to which several indoor units (from two to eight) can be connected at once. This means that such a system can be installed in several rooms at once. This is the most appropriate option if you want to install one air conditioner in two rooms.

The indoor unit can have a different form factor and be mounted on different planes of the room. Manufacturers offer wall units, channel units, floor, ceiling and hybrid indoor units. Choose the best option based on the characteristics of the room.

Multi-split systems are not cheap, but they allow you to most effectively solve the problem of installing air conditioners in several rooms at once. With proper installation and regular maintenance, such a system will last for many years without serious damage.

At the same time, the power of the outdoor unit will be sufficient for the full operation of all indoor units, and your electrical networks will not experience overloads every time you turn on the air conditioner.

Key advantages and disadvantages

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Modern multi-split inverter systems can boast of many advantages and a relatively small number of disadvantages. Let’s look at them in more detail.


  • Depending on the model, multi-split air conditioners have many parameters to adjust: from the cooling temperature to the air humidity;

  • Up to eight indoor units can be connected to one outdoor unit. This is very convenient if you plan to use air conditioning in several rooms, including at the same time;

  • The fewer outdoor blocks on the facade of the building, the better. This is especially important if the air conditioner is installed on a historic building;

  • During maintenance, it is necessary to maintain one outdoor unit instead of several. So you save a lot of money, especially if the unit is mounted at a high altitude.

These are just the main advantages of multi-split systems. A modern air conditioner can not only cool the air, but also heat and purify it. This is very important for creating a favorable microclimate in an apartment or office space. Expensive models of multi-split air conditioning allow you to adjust the humidity and set other, more precise settings.


  • The multi-split system must be designed at the stage of rough finishing;

  • Without a well-thought-out project, you risk getting an unsightly or simply inefficient air conditioner, which is also expensive;

  • Installation and maintenance should only be carried out by professionals. The reliability and durability of the air conditioner will significantly decrease if you entrust this work to a novice or a specialist in another field.

As you can see, there are few disadvantages. They can be avoided even at the design stage and when selecting specialists for the installation of a multi-split system. Remember that such systems are technically complex units. Take their purchase and operation seriously.

Briefly about the installation

In this article, we will not tell you in detail how to mount a multi-split system, since this is a topic for a separate material. We will give only a few important recommendations and pay attention to a number of important nuances.

ceilings армстронг
Armstrong ceilings

First of all, try to design a place for the air conditioning system at the stage of rough repairs. The multi-split system is characterized by a large number of complex air ducts that need to be hidden in the boxes when performing finishing work.

If desired, the air duct can be mounted in the interstitial space, if you plan a suspended ceiling of the «Armstrong» type. This option is especially good in offices and lobbies, where suspended ceilings with removable ceiling tiles are traditionally used. In this case, you can choose a multi-split air conditioner of the cassette type, its size coincides with the size of the removable plate.

Start the installation by installing the indoor units. After that, make the wiring of the pipeline, and only then proceed to the installation of the outdoor unit. It should be installed on a powerful frame, bolted to the facade on strong anchors, since the weight and dimensions of such a unit are larger than those of conventional split systems. Now you can connect the pipeline to the indoor and outdoor units.

Electrical work is carried out at the very end, when all the blocks and communications are installed. Well, after that, you can make the first launch. Be sure to measure all the parameters of the air conditioner, including temperature and pressure. If they are within the normal range, then the installation is done correctly.


Which air conditioning system to choose: multi-split or conventional? It all depends on your needs. The multi-split system has no competitors if you plan to install several air conditioners at once to cool, heat or purify the air in all rooms. Such systems are indispensable in gyms, offices, multi-room apartments and lobbies.

But you should understand that multisplit and other modern types of air conditioning are technically complex units, which are important to properly care for. Proper installation and timely maintenance will keep the air conditioner working for many years.

Have you ever used multi-split air conditioners? Have you ever installed them? Share your experience in the comments below. Good luck!

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