Installation of a mobile air conditioner.

What is a mobile air conditioner and how does it work? In detail

The market of modern air conditioners can offer devices for every taste and budget: from ultra-compact design solutions (for example, air conditioners-paintings) to mobile devices that do not need to be mounted on the wall.

We will talk about the latter in this article. We will talk about the so-called mobile or floor air conditioners, which are designed for use in different parts of the room. In this article, you will learn what such devices are, what are their advantages and disadvantages, and how floor air conditioners work in the conditions of a standard apartment.

General information

A mobile (also known as a floor-mounted) air conditioner is a device designed to cool and heat the air. Its key feature is the ability to move the device to any convenient place in the room. For the convenience of moving the air conditioner, its body is equipped with wheels.

Mobile devices are not the smallest air conditioners, there are also desktop devices on the market. But, nevertheless, the outdoor air conditioner is still more compact and functional in use than a standard stationary device.

Mobile type air conditioners are perfect for use in an apartment. They work most effectively if the ceiling height does not exceed 2.7 meters, and the room area does not exceed 30 square meters. Most apartments from a typical residential development fall under these parameters.

Of course, there are industrial devices that can cool rooms of a larger area, but we will focus our attention on household air conditioners.

Advantages and disadvantages

how to refuel a mobile air conditioner


  • Mobility. Floor air conditioners are equipped with wheels, with which the device can be moved to any convenient part of the room;

  • Installation. To install a mobile air conditioner, you only need to bring the air duct to the street through the window. This is enough for the full operation of the device. A standard wall-mounted air conditioner is much more difficult and expensive to install than a mobile one;

  • Assortment. Mobile air conditioners are presented in a large assortment. You can choose the optimal color and design, and take into account not only technical, but also aesthetic characteristics.


  • Noise. All mechanical elements are located inside the air conditioner, which is located in your room. This means that you will hear a very noticeable noise every time you use it. This is not critical during daytime operation, but at night the noise level may seem excessive;

  • Condensate. The outdoor air conditioner is not equipped with additional communications for the output of condensate. Instead, the water is collected in a special tray, which must be periodically serviced;

  • Heating. The air conditioner housing and the air duct can heat up, creating an additional greenhouse effect around them. This is not the best «gift» on hot days, especially if you work or relax near the air conditioner;

  • Air quality. Mobile devices suck air out of the room, cool it, and then let it out. This repeated processing of air does not have the best effect on its quality. A standard wall-mounted air conditioner is usually equipped with a cleaning function, which is extremely important for allergy sufferers;

  • Dimensions. Mobile air conditioners are not as compact as we would like.

Device and operating principle

The mobile air conditioning system consists of two elements: a monoblock and an air duct. Monoblock is placed in your room, often equipped with wheels, in its case all the technical «stuffing» is placed. The air duct is connected to the monoblock on one side, and to the window on the other.

installation of floor heating кондиционера

A few words about the principle of operation of mobile air conditioners. Such a device does not use air from the street to cool the room. It uses the air from the room, recycles it, cools it to a set temperature, and brings it back into the room. In this case, part of the air is excessively heated and therefore is discharged to the street through the air duct.

The monoblock runs on a refrigerating agent. Freon circulates inside the air conditioner every time you turn it on. In this case, the condensate accumulates in the pan, and it must be emptied periodically. For comparison: a conventional wall-mounted air conditioner is equipped with an automatic condensate removal system, and freon circulates not only inside the device itself, but also in pipes that were installed in advance.

Please note

Before purchasing an air conditioner, you should know the approximate area of the room in which it will be installed. It is advisable to fully calculate the volume of the room, taking into account the height of the ceilings. So you can choose the device with the optimal characteristics.

There is an unspoken rule: if the area of your room is 10 square meters, then you will need a 1 kW air conditioner to cool or heat it. Accordingly, for a larger or smaller area, the kW values are added or subtracted.

Any major manufacturer of air conditioners has detailed tables with a description of their model range, power and recommended cooling/heating area. Contact a consultant in the store if you can’t find the best device.

A separate issue is electricity consumption. Many people are used to thinking that air conditioners are uneconomical, and therefore do not dare to install the device at home. Previously, this was indeed the case. But modern inverter air conditioners can boast of noticeable energy efficiency and economy. With proper operation of the air conditioner, your electricity bills will increase insignificantly.

calculation of air conditioner power

If the budget allows, purchase a device with an air heating function. Remember how often it was cold outside, and there was no heating. Air conditioners with heating function will help to solve this problem once and for all. And if your family has allergies or asthmatics, pay attention to air conditioners with built-in functions to eliminate dust and odors from the room.


Now you know what the principle of operation of the floor air conditioner is, what you need to pay attention to when buying it and what advantages this device has. A mobile air conditioner can be a great alternative to a wall unit if you have already made repairs or want to cool/heat a small room. They are economical, easy to install and do not require additional approvals.

In this article, we did not tell you how mobile air conditioners work without an air duct, since this is a topic for a separate article. In part, this category includes desktop air conditioners. Read a separate article to learn more about this. Good luck!

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