I FEEL button in the air conditioner

What does the I FEEL button in the air conditioner mean? In detail

The air conditioner has many functions that are not easy to understand. But on closer inspection, it turns out that all of them are somehow necessary, and in fact, setting up the air conditioner takes a few minutes. On the pages of our website, we tell you in detail about the various functions that you can find in modern air conditioners. Today we will talk about what the I FEEL button on the remote control of the air conditioner means and why it can be useful.

What is the I FEEL button?

Most customers have no idea what temperature to set when setting up the air conditioner. Someone focuses on the recommendations of the seller, someone-on their own feelings. But often the parameters are set incorrectly. In cooling mode the temperature is set not higher than +16 degrees, and in heating mode — not lower than +25 degrees.

This approach is fundamentally wrong. Not only do you waste excess electricity to ensure this mode of operation, but you also make the air conditioner run on wear and tear. Sooner or later, this style of operation can lead to the failure of the entire air conditioning system.

disassembly of the air conditioner

If you are not sure what temperature you need to set or do not want to understand these subtleties at all, use the magic «I FEEL» button. Its literal translation is «I feel», and it is impossible to call it more precisely. Engineers and marketers have implemented «I FEEL» specifically for those who are ready to fully trust the technology.

After pressing the «I FEEL» button on the control panel, the air conditioner will start selecting the optimal operating mode, temperature, fan speed and other parameters. Sometimes the device does not accurately determine the parameters in the room, so the mode can be adjusted with additional buttons «TOO COOL «(too cold) or» TOO WARM » (too warm).

We recommend everyone to try the «I FEEL» function, probably this mode of operation will significantly simplify your life and save time. The older we get, the less we want to understand the technology and spend time studying the many buttons on the remote control. Instead, you can trust modern technology and allow the air conditioner to adjust its work independently.

And if something goes wrong, you can always use the classic ways to configure the split system.


Now you know what the term «I FEEL» means, why this feature is necessary, and what benefits it provides. Of course, you can live without «I FEEL», because no one has canceled the classic setting of the air conditioner. But thanks to this modern and convenient function, you can give the reins to the split system, completely trusting it with the choice of operating mode and temperature setting. Good luck!

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