FAN button air conditioner

What does the FAN button mean and is it necessary on the air conditioner?

The air conditioner has many functions: COOL, DRY, HEAT, SLEEP, etc. All of them are of course important, but each of them deserves separate attention. Today let’s talk about what FAN mode is on your air conditioner, why it’s needed, and how to turn it on.

General Information

FAN in English means «the fan». And this word quite describes the essence of this operating mode. When you press the «FAN» button, the air begins to circulate in the room, so you can feel the coolness or warmth in every corner of the room. The air temperature is the same in any part of the room.

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A few good reasons why you should turn on FAN mode when using your air conditioner:

  • The air in the room will not stagnate. At rest, the air currents do not mix, the warm air rises up and the cold air falls down. FAN» mode will correct this problem. Any part of the room will have a comfortable temperature;

  • You will get rid of unpleasant odors. The air that is already in the room is used for ventilation. It passes through the air conditioner again and again, at the same time passing through the filtration system. In this way, you can destroy the unpleasant odor in the room;

  • You are worried about your children or elderly relatives, you don’t want them to catch cold because of the cold air. The «FAN» mode will make the airflow less direct.

Please note

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In «FAN» mode, fresh air does not flow into the room, it uses the air that is already in the room. The principle of work is the same as with the usual fan. In more expensive models of air-conditioners there is both ventilation and a number of other additional settings. But we talk about VENTILATION only, because it is the function that is hidden under the term «FAN».

How to turn on FAN mode

FAN mode can only be turned on using the remote control. Use the simple instructions:

  1. Turn on the air conditioner by pressing the «ON/OFF» button. The LED on the air conditioner should light up and you will hear a characteristic sound when you press the button;

  2. Select the suitable operation mode (cooling or heating), adjust the temperature and other parameters if necessary; Press the «FAN» button and wait for 10-15 minutes. After this time, you will feel that the air starts to flow into the room more evenly;

  3. Use the «Swing» or «Air Flow Direction» buttons to adjust the louver position;

  4. Use the «FAN SPEED» or «SPEED» buttons to adjust the fan speed.


The air conditioner has a handy «FAN» mode that we recommend using! In this article, we briefly explained what the term means, why «FAN» mode is necessary, and how to turn it on and set it up. In the comments below you can share your experience of using different modes in your air conditioner. We wish you good luck!

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