Air conditioning with humidifying air mode

What does the DRY mode on the air conditioner mean?

COOL and HEAT the buttons on the air conditioner are known to most users, but what to do with the scattering of other unknown buttons on the remote control? On the pages of our website, we talk about the various functions that can be found in modern split systems. Today we will tell you about the mysterious DRY mode on the air conditioner. In this article, you will learn what this short foreign word means and in which cases it is worth clicking on the DRY button.

General information

The «DRY» function is found in most split systems, even from the budget segment.

By pressing the «DRY» button, you turn on the so-called dehumidification mode. In most cases, this function is not used by anyone, on the contrary, buying additional humidifiers. But what if you live in a region with high humidity? In the summer, it negatively affects not only your comfort, but also the well-being of your children and loved ones.


In this case, the dehumidification function is irreplaceable. After all, not only children and the elderly suffer from high humidity. Poor health, poor skin quality, sudden allergies — these are just some of the problems that middle-aged people face in regions with high humidity.

If you live in a region with normal or low humidity, the dehumidification function can harm your health. We do not recommend using it. In your case, it is better to study the topic of air conditioners with a humidification mode.

How to turn on the DRY mode in the air conditioner

Make sure that your air conditioner is plugged in. Press the «ON/OFF» button on the remote control. You will hear a distinctive beep and see a green LED on the air conditioner housing. This means that the device has started and is ready for setup.

Find the «DRY» button on the remote control of the air conditioner and press. In some models of devices, instead of it, there is a button with a drop icon. Press the button once to turn on the dehumidification mode, and a second time to turn it off.

dehumidification mode in the air conditioner

If your remote doesn’t have a separate button labeled «DRY», find the MODE button. It is responsible for switching different modes. In this case, the names of the modes will be displayed on the remote control display each time the button is pressed. Press «MODE» until «DRY»appears on the display. That’s it, dehumidification mode is on!


Now you know what «DRY» is on the remote control of the air conditioner. This feature is not needed in every home, but if you live in a region with a humid climate, you will definitely appreciate the dehumidification mode. In the heat, this function can not only give comfort, but also preserve the health of your children or elderly loved ones. Good luck!

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