air conditioner for cooling server rooms

What are precision air conditioners?

All air conditioners can be divided into two categories: household and industrial. No matter how technologically advanced and modern a household air conditioner is, it will never be able to meet the increased requirements for air cooling and ventilation. For these purposes, only an industrial device is suitable.

We will tell you about one of them. We will talk about a precision air conditioner. Precision air conditioning systems are able to operate around the clock within a set temperature, without reducing efficiency. In this article, we will tell you in detail what it is, what are the characteristic features of precision air conditioners

General information

Precision air conditioners are designed to maintain a set temperature and humidity. Such devices are able to maintain a temperature within + / — 0.5 degrees, provide accurate humidity control, operate smoothly 24 hours a day and can work even if the main unit breaks down.

Such technological air conditioners are indispensable in server, medical, archival and museum premises. In short, where the maintenance of temperature and humidity is critical for the safety of things, liquids or equipment.

precision air conditioner for server room

The precision air conditioner consists of an outdoor and indoor unit. The indoor unit is similar to a large metal cabinet, inside it there is a compressor, throttle, evaporator, humidifier, filters, heating elements, fans, etc. Thanks to the design of the indoor unit, it is very convenient to maintain, and regular technical inspection is extremely important for the correct operation of the device.

The indoor unit can work for cooling, heating and humidification. At the same time, the device is able to function in a mixed mode, for example, heating + humidification or even heating + cooling.

Working principle

The precision air conditioner runs on a refrigerating agent. It enters the compressor, where it turns into a gaseous state and is transferred to the condenser. In it, the refrigerant condenses, becoming liquid, and then passes through the throttle, followed by a decrease in temperature and pressure. In this state, the refrigerant is fed to the evaporator, where it becomes gaseous again and returns to the compressor.

This is a cyclic system that is characterized by a high level of reliability. With regular maintenance, precision air conditioners can last up to 15 years with round-the-clock and year-round operation.

The air is taken in and supplied through the indoor unit of the air conditioner and can be carried out in different ways, depending on the design of the unit. The simplest models of the air conditioner take the air in the lower part of the unit, and output it in the upper part. More complex devices require the installation of a false floor or ceiling to take in and supply air through hidden duct designs.


Precision air conditioning is the single most efficient system for maintaining indoor temperature and humidity. No archive or server room is complete without a precision air conditioner. Thanks to this air conditioner, it is possible to preserve old documents and the stable operation of complex equipment for many years.

If you have ever used or installed precision air conditioners, please share your impressions in the comments below. Tell us about your experience and give us some useful recommendations. They will be useful for many. Good luck!

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