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We installed an air conditioner, it blows from it: what to do? In detail

Choosing an air conditioner is not an easy task. Modern split systems are so technologically advanced that it is difficult for the buyer to understand all the functions and advantages of a particular device. Prices add fuel to the fire: an air conditioner for 10 and 50 thousand can be presented in the store, while they look the same externally, and the set of functions seems to be similar.

It is not surprising that for many buyers, the process of choosing an air conditioner takes a lot of effort. But finally you bought the long-awaited split system, ordered the installation… And after installation, you were perplexed to notice that the air conditioner is blowing! In the literal sense of the word.

When turned off, cold air flows directly into the room from it, as if you have opened a window. There are also situations when the wind blows into a technical hole in the wall, which is necessary for the installation of a split system.

What to do and who is to blame? Is it worth making claims to installers or should it be so? Of course, users are very concerned about these issues. After all, for many, this is an alarm bell: if the air conditioner blows, then the device is out of order?

In this article, we will briefly explain why air from the street blows into the air conditioner or through a technological hole in the wall, and what to do about this problem. You will learn about the main causes of such an unpleasant problem, and also learn how to fix them with your own hands.

Blows from the air conditioner

Many users after installing a split system complain about an unusual problem: in winter, it blows from their air conditioner! And we are not talking about the usual flow of air that is supplied during the operation of the air conditioner. It blows from the indoor unit in the off state. It blows especially hard into the air conditioner when there is a strong wind outside.

Why is the air conditioner blowing? There may be several reasons. But they all come down to errors in the installation of the split system. Fortunately, these errors are minor, and they can be easily corrected.

Most often, the wind from the street blows into the air conditioner through a drainage tube. It is located on the street side, next to the outdoor unit. Call a master who knows how to perform work at a height.

air conditioner drips from above

Ask him to change the position of the tube so that the wind does not blow inside. You can also clog the tube with a cloth. The main thing is not to forget to get the fabric out of the tube when the temperature is above zero outside. Otherwise, the condensate will not flow down to the street, and sooner or later it will end up on your wallpaper.

By the way! Contrary to popular belief, the wind cannot enter the air conditioner through the outdoor unit. The external unit is connected to the internal one by means of copper pipes-highways through which freon circulates. These tubes are sealed. Therefore, the air is blown into the drainage tube, it is directly connected to the drainage system, which is located in the indoor unit.


If you have purchased an air conditioner with the function of supply ventilation, please note that such air conditioners can also blow air from the street directly into the room. But this happens only if the unit is installed incorrectly or if the unit malfunctions.

There were also situations when clouds of dust from the street flew into the room from the indoor unit along with the wind! This is also the consequences of poor-quality installation. Only an experienced specialist from the service center can fix them.

If you find that cold air is blowing from your air conditioner, while the device is turned off, call the company that was engaged in the installation. Report the problem, ask to fix the error. A company that values its reputation will soon send a specialist to you, and he will change the position of the drainage tube.

Blows through the technical hole

Let’s talk about one more unpleasant problem. Here are the difficulties that users face:

«During the installation of the air conditioner, the installers made a through hole in the wall, ran a cable through it. Wrapped with a seal. They said that there would be no wind blowing into the room. But in cold weather, it still blows noticeably. I called this company, they said that it was impossible to seal the hole with anything else. What to do? There is a noticeable chill from the wall.»

And one more story:

«The situation is like this. After installing the air conditioner, problems began: first water poured out, then dust fell from the block, and now a new nuisance has arisen — a cold wind from the mounting hole in the wall! What have you just done… Installers say that this is not their problem, they do not want to fix anything. We wrapped the inner block with polyethylene so that dust would not fall, and we do not know what to do with the hole in the wall… Tomorrow I will call again, deal with the installers.»

These are very revealing situations. The main reason for such problems is poor — quality installation and an irresponsible attitude to work.

In detail

air conditioner plug

A through technical hole is mandatory, cables are laid through it. But after installation, it is important to seal it properly. Contrary to the words of careless masters, the hole in the wall can be completely closed. And even an ordinary user can do this task.

We suggest buying a regular mounting foam and covering the hole with a special putty on top. Such putties are sold in every construction store, it is quite easy to work with them.

Such putties are often sold complete with plugs that are put on top and make the connection more aesthetic. If you have the opportunity, cover the hole on the side of the facade of the house and also fix the plug.

Everything is ready! If you know of other ways to quickly seal technical holes, tell us about it in the comments. Your experience will definitely be useful for our readers.


So, you bought and installed the long-awaited air conditioner… But time passes and the user notices that cold wind streams are blowing from the air conditioner! And this happens in the off state.

What to do? Who should I contact? Are the master installers to blame? We have tried to answer these and many other questions in detail in this article.

In most cases, the air conditioner blows due to installation errors. Some mistakes are excusable and easily corrected, and some require more serious solutions. It’s not just that the wind from the street blows into the air conditioner.

In any case, the wizard who installed your device should correct the situation. If you come across an unscrupulous specialist, try to solve the problem with your own hands or contact a large service center that gives a guarantee for your work and values your reputation.

If you have encountered a problem when the wind blows into the air conditioner from the street, tell us about your experience in the comments below. Give some useful tips and recommendations for those who do not yet know how to deal with this nuisance. Also read other articles on our website, share them on your social networks. We wish you good luck!

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