Vibration of the external and internal air conditioner unit

Vibration of the external and internal air conditioner unit

Excessive vibration of the air conditioner is a problem that many users of split systems face. For someone, the device began to vibrate strongly only after several years of operation, and for someone-immediately after installation.

Often the problem lies in improper installation or irregular maintenance. But you need to understand that the air conditioner will vibrate in any case. Especially the outdoor unit, it always emits a vibration during operation.

It is important to monitor how intense this vibration is. If the device is shaking and rattling, this is a reason to turn to the master for help. In normal mode, you should not hear this vibration, especially with the window closed.

In this article, we will briefly tell you what the increased vibration of the external unit and the internal unit is associated with, how to fix this unpleasant problem and what nuances should be paid attention to.

Causes of vibration

Both units of the air conditioner may vibrate more than usual. Let’s take a closer look at what causes vibration in the indoor and outdoor unit, since the reasons may differ.

At the indoor unit

Usually, the indoor unit does not vibrate too much. But if this has happened, pay close attention. Remember when you or your master last cleaned the indoor unit, its filters. Cleaning should be carried out regularly, at least twice a year. If cleaning has not been carried out at all since the installation of the device, then there is a 90% probability that the reason lies precisely in the contamination.

Brief cleaning instructions:

  1. Open the decorative cover of the indoor unit, remove the plastic strainer;

  2. Vacuum the unit from the inside using a nozzle with a narrow nozzle. Remove all large particles of dirt and insects;

  3. Rinse the filter under water. If the dirt is ingrained, use a special detergent, a soft sponge and a brush;

  4. Use the same tool and sponge to clean the internal components of the unit. Pay special attention to the fan;

  5. Dry everything naturally. Install the filter in place, close the decorative cover.

Of course, contamination is not the only reason why excessive vibration may occur during the operation of the indoor unit. However, at home, you still will not be able to determine exactly what the reason is. The only thing you can do is to clean and disinfect the air conditioner. And if this did not help, you should contact the service center for qualified help.

At the outdoor unit

external unit hums

Vibration of the external unit is much more common, since there can be many reasons:

  • Brackets of insufficient size or poor quality are selected for installation on the facade;

  • The block is installed not on the facade, but on a surface not intended for this purpose. For example, on a fence or balcony fence;

  • When installing a panel house on the wall, the installers touched the load-bearing reinforcement;

  • There are no special rubber gaskets between the block and the brackets. They are necessary to reduce the natural vibration that occurs during the operation of the unit;

  • The main line through which freon circulates is insufficient or, conversely, excessive. The standard length of the highway is not less than 3 and not more than 5 meters. If the highway is too short, there may be no bend in it. And it is necessary to dampen excessive vibration. If the trunk is too long, this can lead to an overload of the unit and it will vibrate more than usual;

  • Communications between the blocks are not heat-insulated;

  • Some part in the outdoor unit is fixed incorrectly, it comes into contact with the housing and creates additional vibration, which is clearly audible.

We have listed only the most basic reasons that cause excessive vibration in the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Let’s figure out what can be done with this.


air conditioner is not colding

If the brackets were chosen too small or of poor quality, the installers should come to you and correct the situation. But the problem is that the masters can be convinced of their rightness, and you will not prove anything to anyone. The same thing happens when installers touch the fittings in a panel house or lay a route of insufficient / excessive length.

We recommend that you only contact large service centers that value their reputation for help. Usually such specialists go to you without any problems and correct their mistakes, often doing the work for free.

Installation of an outdoor unit on a balcony fence or on a fence is contraindicated by itself. If the wizards have installed it this way, unfortunately, you will have to fix it at your own expense. This is a gross mistake that only non-professional masters make.

You can buy rubber gaskets yourself. Do not save money, pay a little extra, but take high-quality ones. But entrust their installation to a specialist. After all, you will have to remove the block from the brackets, this is not an easy matter. In addition, working at height involves a risk to life and health.

In any case, of course, it is better to call a specialist right away. Preferably from a large service center that gives a guarantee for their work. A professional will determine the cause of the vibration and find the optimal solution.


Vibration during the operation of the split system is quite natural. But until it turns into a terrible rattling. The indoor unit usually does not vibrate, but if this happens, then it’s time to perform a comprehensive cleaning.

But excessive vibration of the outdoor unit can occur for various reasons. Only a specialist with experience can determine the exact cause. Do not trust the installation and maintenance of an air conditioner to unfamiliar single masters, without reviews and recommendations.

The split system is complex and consists of many components, this must be taken into account. A professional knows the details that inexperienced craftsmen do not even know about. Therefore, contact major service centers that provide a guarantee for their services.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments. If you have faced similar problems before, tell us about your experience. Give some useful tips for users and wizards. Read other articles on our website and share them on your social networks. we wish you good luck!

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