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Up to how many degrees can I turn on the air conditioners for heating

At the mention of the word «air conditioner», most people imagine a device designed to cool the air. Air conditioners help to set up a comfortable microclimate at home and at work, saving us from hot summer days. But few people know that modern air conditioners are able to work not only for cooling, but also for heating the air.

Of course, this feature is not available in all devices. In many budget air conditioners, there is only a cooling function, but in devices from the middle and high price categories, you can often find heating, and even built-in air purification.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how and when you can turn on air conditioners for heating, why you can not turn on air conditioners at subzero temperatures, and what nuances should be taken into account.

Acceptable temperature conditions

For each air conditioner, you can configure the operating modes. If the device is sharpened not only on cooling, but also for heating, so in addition to the temperature, you can adjust other parameters of the device.

By pressing the «MODE» or «HEAT» button (depending on the model), you will turn on the heating mode and after 10-15 minutes you will feel how the room will become warmer.

turning on the air conditioner for heating

However, incidents often occur when the owners of the air conditioner turn it on for heating, and it either breaks down or simply refuses to work correctly. This does not take into account the fact that outside the window -30 and severe winter.

In detail

Each air conditioner with a heating function has a so-called operating temperature range. This means that in the range, say, from -5 to +45, the device will work stably, and at other temperatures it will start to fail or completely turn off. The operating temperature range is indicated in the instructions provided with the device.

Most air conditioners from the middle price category have an operating temperature that does not fall below -5 degrees. This means that if you turn on the device in -10, you will most likely encounter difficulties. The efficiency of the air conditioner will significantly decrease, and it simply will not be able to warm the air in the room. This is important to consider.

rating of budget air conditioners for apartments

To find out how many degrees you can use your chosen air conditioner model, look at the manual. And even better, check with the seller before buying. After all, some some air conditioners can work up to -30 degrees.

In short, the temperature regime depends on the device itself and its technical characteristics. There is no single recommendation that you need to follow in order to operate the device correctly. Unless you should not turn it on at -25 degrees or more.

Remember that a conventional wall-mounted split system should not be used instead of a full-fledged heating system. This air conditioner is suitable for the off-season or for cold summer nights, but not for the harsh winter. The air conditioner for heat works properly only with careful operation and regular maintenance.


Modern air conditioners can do a lot! You can turn on the split system not only for cooling, but also for heating or even purifying the air in the room. However, these features are only available in mid-range and high-end devices. Budget air conditioners are rarely equipped with such functionality.

But keep in mind that at the moment you can use air conditioners at subzero temperatures only if the device is equipped with all the necessary functionality. Before using it, be sure to read the instructions or contact the seller for advice. Good luck!

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