Types of air conditioners

Types of air conditioners for the apartment: which one to choose

Air conditioners and humidifiers have long been faithful companions for those who care about the microclimate of the house. And if the humidifier has a rather limited functionality, then the air conditioner is able to perform several tasks. Modern air conditioning systems can not only heat, but also cool and even clean the air from dust.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what types of home air conditioners there are, what are their features and what is better to choose. You will learn the key nuances associated with the main types of air conditioners for homes and apartments.

Types of air conditioners for home use

Household air conditioners are perfect for use in an apartment or a country house. They are energy-efficient, compact, look stylish and modern. Such a device at times better than the usual fan. And some models are equipped with an air heating function, so you can comfortably wait out the off-season. Let’s talk more about the types of air conditioners for apartments.

Split system

The split system consists of 2 blocks (external and internal), they are connected to each other by means of cables and tubes through which the refrigerating agent circulates.

External block is installed on the facade of the building. The indoor unit is installed indoors and can be controlled by a remote control. The split system can be used both in everyday life and for commercial purposes.

Oasis home air conditioner

For example, a popular wall-mounted air conditioner, which can be seen in many apartments — is a split system consisting of a wall-mounted indoor unit and an outdoor unit mounted on the facade.

Split system is a well-proven air conditioner that is perfect for both home and non-residential premises. This air conditioner can be additionally equipped with the function of heating and cleaning the air.

Multi-split system

Now you know that a standard split system consists of two blocks. This is not always convenient if you want the air conditioner to be installed in several rooms at once. To solve this problem, you can use a multi-split system.

It consists of one outdoor unit and several indoor units (from 2 to 8). With a single outdoor unit, you can cool the air in several rooms at once. All units are combined into a single air conditioning system, each component of which can operate simultaneously or separately.

multi split

Simply put, you can turn on the air conditioner in one room and not turn it on in the other. Or turn on all the indoor units at once, but set a different temperature. However, please note that the simultaneous operation of different units in different modes (for example, one for heating, the other for cooling) is not possible.

Multi-split systems are expected to be more expensive than a conventional split system consisting of only two blocks. These are technically complex devices that require expensive equipment to operate. accessories. Perhaps in the future, manufacturers will find a way to make multi-air conditioners more affordable, but for now, the buyer will have to pay from 1500$ for such a system.


Once the most popular type of air conditioner, but in the 21st century it is gradually becoming a thing of the past. The air conditioner of the «monoblock» type is an apparatus consisting of a single unit. In its case, all the main components necessary for stable operation are located. The two most popular types of monoblock air conditioners are window and floor air conditioners.

air conditioning monoblock

They are inexpensive, easy to install and operate, and can be installed in a room with a complete repair. A monoblock can be a real salvation on hot days, if it is forbidden to install a conventional split system with an outdoor unit in your home.

But why, with all the advantages, do buyers prefer split systems? Monoblocks are an obsolete type of air conditioning. In the past decades, they have been widely used in homes and offices, but sometimes their shortcomings are too critical for comfortable operation. If you have the opportunity to install a split or any other air conditioning system, take advantage of this.

Otherwise, a monoblock can be an excellent choice if the budget is limited, and you still want coolness.

Which is better to choose?

It all depends on your budget and requirements. Someone just needs a replacement for a fan, and someone needs a multifunctional device that will significantly improve their quality of life. If you are unassuming and only want to cool the room a little, take a closer look at the monoblocks. They are cheap, easy to install and operate.

rating of budget air conditioners for apartments

The split system is the golden mean. You can choose a budget device with basic functions or an expensive model designed with the latest technology. But for the installation and maintenance will have to pay a considerable amount.

Multi-split systems are only necessary if you live in a large house, and are willing to pay a lot of money for such a technological air conditioning system.


Now you know about the main types and types of air conditioners for apartments and houses. In the comments below, you can share your experience of choosing and operating various air conditioning systems at home. Your tips and recommendations will be useful for many. Good luck!

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