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Turn on the Dantex air conditioner for heating

Often, air conditioners are used in cooling mode and are associated with comfort on hot summer days. But modern models of split systems are increasingly equipped with a heating function. This is especially useful in the off-season, when there is no heating yet, and outside the window is a chilly autumn.

Today we will tell you in detail how to turn on air conditioners for heat. Thanks to this article, you will be able to set up a split system not only from the Dantex, but also from other manufacturers.

Setup instruction

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To turn on the split system for heating, use the simple instructions:

  • Press the»On» button on the remote control that comes with the air conditioner. The device will make a distinctive sound and turn on;

  • Next, click on the «Heat» button or the button with the sun icon. These buttons are responsible for turning on the heating mode;

  • If there is no icon of the sun or the inscription «Heat», click on the «Mode» button. It is responsible for switching the operating mode;

  • Use the » + » / » — » or «↑»/»↓» buttons to adjust the air heating temperature.

That’s it, your air conditioner is set up! The full operating mode will change in 10-15 minutes.

Please note

If you turned on the device for heating, and after 15 minutes the long-awaited heat did not appear, you probably made a mistake when setting it up. Read our instructions again and try again. We also recommend that you find the instructions for your air conditioner, which describes in detail how to turn on a particular mode of operation.

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Also, check in advance whether your split system is equipped with a heating function, since it is not available in all air conditioners, especially in the budget segment. If the heating function is available in your model of the device, but you were unable to turn it on, call the wizard from the service center. Your air conditioner is probably faulty.


We hope that this article will be more useful than ever in the cold autumn evenings! In the comments, you can share your experience and recommendations on setting up split systems for heat, and on operating air conditioners. Good luck!

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