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The split system does not turn on. Reasons for what to do

Most users sooner or later face a problem when the air conditioner does not turn on, or the included split system suddenly turns off, without your knowledge.

It should be understood that no system can always work stably, especially such a complex one as an air conditioner. But this does not mean that you need to close your eyes to breakdowns. A timely detected and corrected malfunction will subsequently save you time and money.

In this article, we will briefly explain why the air conditioner does not turn on, what can be done about it and whether it is worth calling the wizard.

The main reasons

air conditioner blows weakly

The air conditioner consists of many components. They are interconnected and form a single system. If one of the most important parts fails or does not work correctly, the device may simply not turn on. For this reason, only a full-fledged diagnostics of the entire split system will be able to answer the question of what the reason is.

However, we will identify two main reasons: unstable voltage (or its absence) and a significant temperature difference in the room. If the air conditioner refuses to turn on, the first thing you need to investigate these two reasons and understand whether they exist in your case.

We suggest starting with checking the quality of the electrical network in your home. Often, due to insufficient or absent voltage, the air conditioner does not work. Check whether the insulation on the wires has melted, whether other electrical appliances are working, whether there is a ground connection.

If your room heats up from the heat during the day, and then you turn on the cooling mode to the lowest temperature, the device may not withstand such significant changes. Home air conditioning should be used wisely, lowering the temperature gradually, if necessary.

Also keep in mind that split systems from the budget segment can turn off by themselves due to poor build quality and components. In any case, you will find out the exact reason for the device disconnecting only after the diagnosis. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately contact a specialist from a service center that you trust.

Additional reasons

The compressor has failed

split system compressor

The compressor is the heart of the air conditioner. If it does not work correctly or fails altogether, the device simply will not turn on. Usually, the compressor does not break down suddenly. It warns of an imminent breakdown, making atypical sounds. Therefore, even an ordinary user can detect such failures in the operation of the compressor.

But what causes this part to break? There can be many reasons: starting from the contamination of the split system, ending with the leakage of the refrigerant. The exact cause can only be determined by an experienced specialist who has diagnostic equipment.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine 100% on your own whether there are any problems with the compressor. Maximum — you will hear extraneous noise. But he should also alert you. Of course, noises do not always indicate problems, but you should definitely pay attention to them and call the master as soon as possible.

The remote control is faulty

air conditioner error codes

It is possible that the device does not turn on because your remote control has stopped working, or you need to replace the batteries in it. Many users think that the cause of the breakdown always lies in the device itself, but often the control panel is the culprit.

Replace the batteries! If this does not help, check the operation of the remote control as follows: hold down any of the buttons on the remote control and at the same time take a picture of the infrared port of the remote control. If the flash is visible in the photo, then everything is fine with the remote control, and the problem is still in the air conditioner.

At the same time, it is not necessary that the breakdown is serious. Perhaps the receiver in the device just broke down. Usually, such problems are solved quite quickly and relatively inexpensively.

If it’s still a remote control, it can be repaired. But in most cases, a new remote control is simply purchased and configured according to the instructions. It is supplied as a complete set. And by the way, you can buy any universal remote control for an air conditioner. They are inexpensive and are sold in many hardware stores.

System failures

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We have already said above that air conditioning is a complex system. Virtually anything can happen to the air conditioner, and it is difficult to navigate in malfunctions. To simplify navigation, manufacturers have come up with error codes.

When something goes wrong in the device, a code is displayed on the display. For example, E6 or 007. The reason for the failure is encrypted in the error. To decrypt the code, you need to open the technical documentation. It comes complete with air conditioning. If the documents are lost, you can enter the model of the air conditioner on the Internet and find instructions.

Each manufacturer has its own code system. This is not very convenient, because the masters can not remember hundreds of codes from many manufacturers. For this reason, decryption may take some time, especially if there is no technical documentation.

But it’s still better than wondering what happened to the air conditioner. An ordinary user can decipher the codes, but it will take him significantly more time than a professional. And what to do with this information after decryption? Only call the master.

Therefore, we do not recommend wasting your time on decryption. Entrust this task to a specialist. Subsequently, you will still have to contact the service center, because the error blocks the operation of the air conditioner, preventing it from being turned on.


air conditioner malfunctions

If you managed to cope with this problem, read our recommendations for preventing the occurrence of malfunctions. By following these simple rules, you will significantly reduce the likelihood of breakdowns:

  • Clean the split system from dirt at least twice a year. The indoor unit can be cleaned independently, but it is better to entrust the outdoor unit to a professional. Working at height involves risks to life and health, do not take risks;

  • Replace the batteries in the remote control every six months. If you are going on vacation and will not use the device for more than two weeks, remove the batteries from the remote control to avoid leakage. Also, dispose of the batteries correctly: dispose of them in special containers in shopping centers and other public places;

  • Use the air conditioner wisely. You do not need to turn on the device if the temperature is below zero outside and you do not have a so-called winter kit. You do not need to turn on the minimum cooling temperature, even if you are very hot. Always lower the temperature gradually. Do not use the device to the limit of its capabilities, even if it is an expensive and functional air conditioner from a well-known brand.

  • Watch for the appearance of extraneous sounds in the operation of the air conditioner. If they occur and repeat regularly, call the wizard. He will conduct a full diagnosis and identify the cause.


The device was working, but suddenly turned off? Check the voltage. If everything is fine with it, perhaps the problem is in the compressor. Diagnostics is necessary. Only then can we say with confidence what is the cause of the malfunction and whether there is a breakdown at all.

If the display blinks and a strange inscription is displayed, most likely, the system has failed and it notifies you about it. An experienced specialist will be able to decipher the error, and he will also choose the best option for solving the current situation.

You should understand that the air conditioner will not be able to work forever, no matter how modern and functional the manufacturers call it. Any equipment needs maintenance and careful use. No one split system can withstand operation at the limit of its capabilities.

Any other questions? Ask them in the comments. You can also share your experience. It will be useful for many. We wish you good luck!

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