The optimal distance from the air conditioner to the ceiling

Installing an air conditioner is a complex process consisting of many stages. It is important to take into account all the nuances so that the subsequent operation is as comfortable as possible for the user, and does not cause unnecessary trouble. After all, we purchase a split system for the sake of creating comfortable conditions.

The question of the height of the air conditioner installation from the ceiling causes a lot of controversy both among professional craftsmen and among users. Someone is talking about a universal 15 centimeters under the ceiling, someone is in favor of a sober calculation of each centimeter.

In this article, we will briefly tell you about the most optimal distance from the ceiling to the wall unit of the air conditioner.

General information

distance from the ceiling to the device

Modern customers of service centers understand the peculiarities of installing an air conditioner and therefore plan installation even at the stage of rough finishing of the apartment. Ideally, the air conditioner should be able to freely take air from above and at the same time not cause the user discomfort when using. Is it possible?

Yes, yes, and yes again! But you need to turn on your head and take into account all the nuances. You need to ask the client what is the planned height of the finishing ceiling, whether there will be skirting boards/baguettes, what is their width, etc. The distance from the ceiling to the air conditioner can not be planned «by eye», a competent calculation on paper is required, taking into account all design ideas.

And what to do if you plan to install the device in a room with a completed repair? Of course, this option is not recommended for customers, but still such situations are quite common. In this case, it is necessary to take into account what changes may occur with the ceiling during future repairs.

For example, now the ceiling in the apartment is painted. And in the future, the owners may want to make a stretch ceiling. And what to do in this case, if the air conditioner is mounted too high and the guides of the stretch ceiling will simply rest against the wall unit?

We will have to dismantle the air conditioner and hang it below. The client will spend a lot of effort, time and money. Therefore, when installing the unit in a room with a ready repair, it is important to take into account future design solutions that may come to the owners of the apartment.

Optimal distance

General Climate air conditioner

First, the distance is measured from the ceiling to the block, and not from the floor. After all, often the air conditioner is located at a sufficiently large distance from the floor, and in such conditions it is inconvenient to make markings.

Secondly, when choosing the optimal distance, it is important to take into account two things: the height of the ceilings and the size of the ceiling skirting board (baguette). This means that there can be no question of any «universal» values. If in one apartment 10 cm from the ceiling is optimal, then in another it will not be enough.

A few words about the flow skirting boards. Often, the masters completely forget that after finishing their client is highly likely to install a skirting board or a baguette. But this is very important! And, in addition, the height of the skirting board may vary. Someone installs standard plastic skirting boards of small width, and someone likes plaster baguettes with a width of 10 or even 20 centimeters.

In particularly neglected cases, the skirting board even has to be cut due to the small distance to the ceiling. There were also such negligent craftsmen who, for the sake of their principles, knocked down a part of an old wide plaster baguette in the «stalinka» in order to put air conditioning. Of course, this is unacceptable.


If you are a master and are going to mount the device, check with the client whether he plans to install the skirting board and what width. If you are a client and the master for some reason did not ask you this question, let us know yourself.

We wrote above that there is no truly universal distance. It all depends on the height of the ceilings and the width of the baguette. But, if we take an average apartment with a plastic skirting board and a low-power wall unit, we get a distance of 10 cm. We can say that this figure is relevant for many apartments in our country.

But you should not focus only on this recommendation. Take measurements, find out the exact height of the ceilings and the width of the skirting boards/baguettes, and only then proceed to the selection of the optimal distance. It is not necessary to do this on the «eye», otherwise unpleasant cosmetic and operational problems may appear later.


The optimal distance from the air conditioners to the ceiling should be calculated individually, based on the height of the FINISHED ceiling, the width of the skirting board/baguette, the power and size of the wall unit. As you understand, in such conditions it is difficult to identify a universal value that is suitable for most customers.

Of course, 10 cm is a distance that will satisfy the design and technical needs of many customers, but you should not take this recommendation as the ultimate truth. Be sure to make calculations, think ahead, take into account the aesthetics of the upcoming or current repair. And then any client will say «thank you»to the master.

In the comments below, you can share your experience of installing a wall-mounted air conditioner unit, as well as give some recommendations for craftsmen and users. Your advice will be useful for many readers of our site. We wish you good luck!

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