The blinds at the air conditioner do not work. What to do?

A split system has many components that it consists of. Every detail matters: if one of them fails, the entire system will start working incorrectly. No matter how modern and technologically advanced air conditioners are, sooner or later you will encounter malfunctions in its operation.

One of the most common problems is that the blinds that are responsible for changing the direction of air flow do not work. Many users face this scourge and immediately panic. No need to worry! The repair of the guides takes a little time, and it is not so expensive.

In this article, we will briefly tell you why the blinds of the air conditioner stopped working, what can be done about it and whether it is worth solving the problem with your own hands at home.


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Blinds, or rather air guides — are not the most difficult component in a split system. Therefore, there are only two possible reasons for failure:

  1. The louver motor (also known as a stepper motor) is faulty or does not work properly. Often in this case, the part is replaced with a new one;

  2. The control board is faulty or does not work properly. The signal from the remote control does not enter the air conditioner, so it is impossible to adjust the blinds.

You can determine the cause yourself, without calling the wizard. Use the remote control to adjust the air direction. In most items, the «SWING»button is responsible for this function. If the blinds did not start moving after pressing the button, most likely the problem is in the control board.

How will it determine that everything is in order with the board, and the motor of the blinds has failed? The motor usually does not fail suddenly. During operation, it can creak, move more sharply than usual, in short, before the breakdown, it shows in every possible way that it will soon become unusable. It is important to notice this in time.


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In 90% of cases, the problem is precisely in the motor of the guides. Rarely does anyone repair it,

 usually the part is dismantled and a new stepper motor is put in its place. Such repairs can be made with your own hands, if you remove the decorative cover of the air conditioner.

If you need to remove the entire plastic case to replace the motor, it is better to entrust this task to a professional master. He will remove the block from the wall, remove the housing and replace the part. In no case do we recommend that you engage in independent dismantling of the air conditioner from the wall.

If the problem turns out to be not in the motor, but in the board, you will most likely not be able to perform high-quality repairs. You need to have not only the skills and tools, but also a lot of experience. The master from the service center will solve your problem quickly and without hassle, and such a service is not very expensive.


Many users face breakdowns during the operation of the air conditioner, and one of the most common problems is that the blinds do not open. Or they are regulated, but with difficulty, in an arbitrary direction.

To repair the curtains of the air conditioner, you need to replace the motor or control board. Only an experienced master can determine the exact cause. We do not recommend carrying out repairs yourself, so as not to reduce the service life of the split system.

Have you ever encountered the problem described in the article? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Professional craftsmen can give tips for users on how to avoid breakdowns in the future. We also recommend reading other articles on our website and sharing them on your social networks. We wish you good luck!

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