The best air conditioners for apartments

The best air conditioners for apartments in 2021-2022

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the best split systems of 2021 and 2022, and present a brief overview of them. In the end, you choose, but keep in mind that the market for air conditioners is large, and among dozens of models, it is important to choose the best option for the price-quality ratio.

Top 10 best air conditioners

Daikin FTXG20L

Daikin FTXG20L

The first model in our list is not cheap. This is a premium air conditioner from the famous brand Daikin. Daikin has long established itself as one of the most respected companies.

This air conditioner has several key advantages. Among them is a stylish design, which is important if you have made a modern design renovation and want to complement it. Also, the air conditioner boasts a very quiet operation of the indoor unit. This device can be safely installed in the bedroom or office, it will not disturb your sleep.

And there are built-in sensors that track the movement of a person in the room and, depending on this, direct the air flow. At the same time, the air conditioner is energy efficient and does not consume much electricity. If you have pets in your home or a noisy street outside, you will appreciate the multi-stage air filtration.

Panasonic CS-E7RKDW/CU-E7RKD

Panasonic CS-E7RKDW

Our rating of the best air conditioners could not do without this model from the famous brand Panasonic. This is a high-class device, assembled with the latest technology. It is designed to work in a small room (up to 20 square meters), so we recommend installing it in the bedroom. Moreover, the noise level is so low that it is unlikely to disturb even the most sensitive sleep.

There is a rich functionality here, especially when it comes to cleaning the air from dust, odors and allergens. There is also a built-in timer, you can configure the operation of the air conditioner for the day ahead. This is very convenient if you go to work all day, and in the evening you want to return to a clean and cool room.

Electrolux EACM-11CL/N3

Electrolux EACM-11CLN3

In this rating there will be not only split systems, but also monoblocks, they are also mobile air conditioners. The unit from Electrolux can be a great choice if you are looking for a compact and stylish air conditioner for your apartment. It can be easily and quickly installed, as well as independently maintained.

It is powerful enough to cool a room of up to 25 square meters. In addition to the cooling mode, there is ventilation and dehumidification, which is very convenient in conditions of high humidity in summer. The condensate is discharged automatically, without your direct involvement. Overall, this is a great choice if for some reason you can’t install a split system.



Budget air conditioner from a world-famous Korean brand. It reveals itself in all its glory in rooms with an area of up to 20 square meters.

The indoor unit looks stylish and modern, it is assembled from high-quality durable plastic and will last for many years. But the main trump card of this air conditioner is the noise level. The device is very quiet, it makes no more than 19 dB noise in night mode. Thanks to this, the device can be safely installed in the bedroom, without worrying about sleep. And you don’t have to worry about the electricity you spend, because the LG P07SP is very economical.

Zanussi ZACM-12MS/N1

Zanussi ZACM-12MS/N1

Let’s continue the topic of monoblocks. If you are looking for a stylish and powerful mobile air conditioner, pay attention to the model ZACM-09MS/N1 from Zanussi. Its main feature is a modern design combined with a powerful «filling». Such a device can cool a room with an area of up to 30 square meters! At the same time, you do not spend as much electricity as it may seem at first glance.

The disadvantages are the same as any other monoblock. Namely, the increased noise level. You can’t put such a device in the bedroom. But in the living room or office quite. Installation and maintenance are as simple as ever. If the automatic condensate output, which is also nice.

Mitsubishi Electric SRK20ZS-S/SRC20ZS-S

Mitsubishi Electric SRK20ZS-SSRC20ZS-S

Compact split system, designed to work in rooms up to 20 square meters. Its main feature is the design. Most buyers buy this model because of the appearance, and this is quite justified. But do not forget about the technical component. Moreover, here it is no less good.

This is one of the quietest air conditioners on our list. It produces noise up to 20 dB in night mode, which is certainly convenient if you plan to install it in the bedroom, nursery or office. There is also a built-in noise reduction mode for the outdoor unit, which will definitely be appreciated by your neighbors.

Thanks to the built-in air purification system, you will forget about allergies and shortness of breath. Your apartment will always be fresh and clean, forget about the dust that enters the apartment through the open windows. And the built-in heating and humidification system will cope with allergens.

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH25VE/MUZ-FH25VE

Mitsubishi MSZ-FH25VEMUZ-FH25VE

Another device from Mitsubishi, but this time from the premium line of the brand. This is a high-tech stylish air conditioner, which can rightly be called a universal choice. Especially it will be appreciated by allergy sufferers, since the device boasts many functions responsible for air purification. According to the manufacturer, this model of air conditioner is able to remove up to 98% of allergens and bacteria from the air!

The device is suitable for rooms with an area of up to 25 square meters. It also offers a number of other technological modern features such as blind spot detection and motion sensors that are responsible for the direction of air flow when moving around the room.

Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG5

Hisense AS-10HR4SYDTG5

If you suffer from allergies, but are not ready to pay a tidy sum for a premium air conditioner, pay attention to this model. It is not cheap, but it offers a similar set of features as its more expensive counterparts from famous Japanese brands.

The device is designed to work in large rooms (up to 30 square meters), the indoor unit looks stylish and modern, there is a convenient display on the case. This model is energy efficient, so you don’t have to worry about big electricity bills.

There is also a serious air purification system that will get rid of dust and pathogens. This is due to the built-in filters, which are able to work in the decontamination mode.

General Climate GCW-09HRN1

General Climate GCW-09HRN1

This is a powerful and functional device that is deservedly popular with customers. As you might guess, this is a window air conditioner. It is powerful enough to cool a room of up to 25 square meters. The device is not compact, you can not install it in a regular window. But this is not required of him. Usually, for such air conditioners, a frame is made on an individual order.

Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G

Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G

In the shelf of inexpensive air conditioners for apartments replenishment! Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G is one of the best budget inverter air conditioners of 2019. It boasts not only an acceptable cost, but also a rich functionality. Cooling, heating, ventilation, air purification, quiet operation — these are just some of the main functions of this device. This is one of the best air conditioners of 2019 according to customer reviews and our personal experience.


Now you know which air conditioners to choose for apartments. In this article, we did not talk about the order of prices for 2019 and 2020, since the cost can change depending on the dollar exchange rate. And what do you think about the presented models of air conditioners? Share your opinion in the comments below. Good luck!

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