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The air conditioner makes a crackling sound after switching on. What is the reason?

Choosing the first air conditioner is always a joyful event for every user who is tired of the summer heat or the dank off-season. But before you enjoy the technology and convenience of a brand-new split system, you need to go a long way: starting from choosing the right device, ending with installation and configuration.

When all the difficulties are over, it seems that you can finally take advantage of all the advantages of air conditioning. But it was not there… The first joy quickly disappears when you hear that the device is turned on or even turned off makes strange sounds: either crackling, or clicking, or gurgling. And in some cases, these sounds are heard simultaneously!

Many users are panicking: is such an expensive and technologically advanced device out of order? The fact is that a split system consists of many components that work in conjunction. And if at least one of them does not work correctly, it will affect the entire system. In this article, we will tell you why your air conditioner is cracking, what you can do if the air conditioner clicks and what other extraneous sounds you should pay attention to.

Causes of extraneous noise

why is the air conditioner making noise

Let’s start with the obvious fact: any air conditioner makes noise during operation, and in some cases even when turned off. Extraneous sounds do not always signal the presence of any problem. Especially in cases where an ultra-budget air conditioner is used, assembled from low-quality components. The» working » noise of the split system resembles a hum and is almost inaudible. Especially if you close the window.

But if you hear a distinct crackling or clicking, this is an excuse to listen, find the source of the sound and report it to the customer service.

The master will conduct a full-fledged diagnosis and find the true cause of the crackle. Often it lies in the following:

  • Loose fasteners, especially on the side of the outdoor unit. The bolts need to be tightened over time, since the device vibrates during operation. It is also recommended to replace rubber gaskets with high-quality analogues;

  • Barely audible clicks usually indicate the switching of the relay, which is quite natural. But if the sound is too loud, it is better to contact a specialist;

  • The drainage pump can also make a crackling sound if the drainage system is not cleaned in time. Also, the pump often cracks if the device has not been used for a long time, and it has to work » dry»;

  • If foreign objects get into the housing of the unit through the ventilation holes, you can also hear a strange crackling;

  • The problem may be hidden in the compressor. Either it does not work correctly,or it has completely failed.

To find the true cause of an extraneous sound, you need to have experience and knowledge. Therefore, you should not hope for an independent diagnosis. You can try to determine the exact place from which the crackling comes, but no more.

Other sounds coming from the air conditioner

does not cool the split система

We have figured out the reasons why the air conditioner is cracking. But in practice, it turns out that in addition to the crackle, users also hear a number of strange atypical noises. Let’s take a closer look at what other extraneous sounds that are heard after turning off the device or during its operation indicate. We will tell you about the main ones.

The air conditioner beeps

When you turn it on, you can hear a characteristic squeak or even a whistle coming from the outdoor unit. Most likely, the problem lies in the pipes of the main line. They are deformed or there are holes in them. Only the wizard from the service center can fix the problem.

The air conditioner is knocking

The noise of the air conditioner, similar to a knock, is most often heard in the cold season with a strong gusty wind. Drain pipe may be poorly fixed, because of the wind, it begins to sway and knock on the body of the outdoor unit. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed easily, quickly and inexpensively. In this case, detailed diagnostics and a complete analysis of the split system are not required. And in some situations, it is enough just to fix the drainage tube correctly, without dismantling it.

The air conditioner is bubbling

In most cases, the reason lies in the incorrect installation of the drain pipe. The wind blows into it, gets into the drainage and mixes with the water, which makes characteristic gurgling sounds. 

The air conditioner makes noise not only in those situations when there is some kind of malfunction or breakdown. Sometimes the sounds can be quite harmless. But this can only be determined by a specialist with experience.


Many users after a year or two after operation begin to complain that their air conditioner began to crack or emit other extraneous noises. If you encounter this problem, do not worry ahead of time. Turn off the device and call the wizard from the service center. Self-diagnosis is possible, but only if you have the proper experience and knowledge. Therefore, we recommend that you immediately contact the service center for help in order to avoid other, more serious, breakdowns.

Now you know why the air conditioner makes strange extraneous sounds, such as crackling, clicking, gurgling or knocking. Usually the air conditioner clicks because of foreign objects that could get into the outdoor unit through the ventilation holes or because of a loose attachment. But sometimes the reason is much more serious than it seems at first glance. In any case, only a professional master can determine the exact cause. And you can tell him from which part of the air conditioner the sound is heard most clearly.

Perhaps there are experienced craftsmen and users among our readers. Have you ever encountered extraneous sounds during the operation of the split system? How did you manage to solve this difficult problem? Tell us about your experience in the comments below. Also check out other useful articles on our website. We wish you good luck!

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