How to connect and configure remote control of the air conditioner

Symbols on the remote of air conditioner

Every reader of our site knows what a split system is. But not everyone is familiar with all the features of setting up an air conditioner. In this article, we will tell you in detail what the various icons on the remote control buttons mean and how to translate the main symbols to correctly select the settings in the air conditioner.

Basic functions and their settings

symbols on the mitsubishi air conditioner remote control

First, we will list the most important buttons on the remote control of the air conditioner, and later we will talk about additional ones.

Basic designations:

  • ON/OFF. Responsible for turning the air conditioner on and off, respectively. It is often highlighted in red or dark gray;

  • Mode is responsible for selecting the operating mode (cold supply or heating). If the air conditioner is equipped only with a cooling mode, then you will not see this button on the remote control of the air conditioner;

  • Auto is responsible for the automatic operation. With the built-in temperature sensor, the air conditioner will automatically determine what temperature to set;

  • Cool on the air conditioner is responsible for turning on the cooling mode. It is often indicated as a snowflake icon;

  • Heat is responsible for heating the air. It is often indicated by the sun icon on the remote control;

  • Dry is responsible for dehumidifying the air. Often denoted as a drop. Extremely useful feature if you live in a region with high humidity; or the «drop» icon»);

  • Fan is responsible for the ventilation mode. If this button is not present on the remote control, try searching for the fan icon or pressing the Fan speed button. Usually the speed is indicated as low / med / high / auto;

  • The arrow icons or +/- are responsible for increasing / decreasing the temperature. They are located in the most visible place on the remote control from the air conditioner;

  • Swing is responsible for regulating the air flow. It can also be referred to as Swing direct or Air swing.

Additional features

Electrolux remote control

Let’s talk about additional designations on air conditioners and on remote controls:

  • Sleep is responsible for the sleep mode. It is often indicated by a crescent icon. In this mode of the air conditioner, the device works much quieter, since the speed of rotation of the fans is forcibly reduced. In some expensive air conditioners, an intelligent sleep mode is integrated, which automatically adjusts the temperature and humidity of the air during the night, adapting to the phases of a person’s sleep;

  • Turbo is responsible for accelerated cooling or heating of the air. The mode can also be called «Jet»,»High power» or «Powerful». Use turbo if you want to cool down or warm up in a short time;

  • Timer is responsible for the deferred mode of operation. You can program the machine to turn on/off automatically at certain hours. It is often indicated by a clock icon or the word » Clock»;

  • Light is responsible for turning the backlight on/off. It can be indicated by a light bulb icon;

  • Clean is responsible for cleaning the system from excessive moisture;

  • Plasma is responsible for additional air purification from dust and germs;

  • I-Feel is responsible for setting the temperature more precisely. In our opinion, this is more of a marketing ploy than a useful feature, since the temperature can also be adjusted using the usual buttons, which we discussed earlier;

  • Temp can be responsible for either showing the current settings on the display, or for setting the temperature. In some models of air conditioners, you must press the Temp button on the remote control before adjusting the temperature with the arrow or +/- buttons.

  • Set on the display of the remote control is responsible for saving the settings you have selected.

Special buttons

Not always the designations on the air conditioning panels may be obvious. Often this is done intentionally, so that you use them for their intended purpose and do not click the buttons accidentally. These » hidden «buttons include» Lock «and»Reset».

fan mode in the air conditioner

The «Lock» button is required to lock all other buttons on the remote control. This is useful if you have small children. To remove the lock, you need to press the button again. And with the help of «Reset» , you can reset all the set settings to the factory settings. Sometimes this button is replaced by the icon of the house on the remote control.


In this article, we tried to tell you in detail what these or other icons on the remote control mean. The explanation of the designations of the buttons on the remote control of the air conditioner can be found in the instructions that are supplied with the split system.

But if the instructions are not at hand, it is quite possible to make an independent translation using our article. You can also set up the device without a remote control by pressing the corresponding buttons on the internal unit. All the necessary information will be displayed on the scoreboard. Good luck!

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