Mitsubishi air conditioner

Symbols on the remote control of the Mitsubishi air conditioner

Mitsubishi air conditioners are one of the most respected and popular on the market. Customers like the products of this manufacturer, because the brand values its reputation very much, and offers consumers reliable technological devices.

In this article, we will explain in detail what all these icons on the remote control of the air conditioner mean. Once you understand this, you can set up any split system, regardless of the brand.

Buttons on the remote control

I FEEL button in the air conditioner

On the remote control of the air conditioner there are many buttons, which at first glance are not easy to understand. To make it easier and faster for you to understand their purpose, we will divide the buttons into two categories: basic and additional.

Basic designations

ON/OFF Button to turn on the air conditioner. When pressed once, the device emits a characteristic sound and the LED on the case lights up.

MODE Responsible for selecting the operating mode. The main modes: COOL( air cooling), HEAT (air heating). The name of the selected mode is displayed on the remote control display.

AUTO Automatic configuration button. The parameters are selected based on the indoor climate and the selected operating mode. For example, in the «COOL» and «HEAT» modes, the «AUTO» button is responsible for automatically selecting the temperature.

▲/▼ or +/- These buttons are responsible for selecting the temperature, adjusting the ventilation speed, and other parameters.

DRY Responsible for enabling dehumidification. Especially useful in humid climates.

FAN Enables air ventilation. The ventilation speed can be adjusted by pressing the «up» and «down» buttons.

VANE It is responsible for adjusting the direction of the air flow. When pressed once, the blinds begin to move, when pressed again, they are fixed in the position in which they were at the time of pressing. Some air conditioners have two buttons for adjusting the blinds at once: up-down and right-left. In this case, they are designated as «VANE» and» WIDE VANE», respectively.

Additional designations

On the remote control of the air conditioner there are additional buttons that are designed for more detailed settings of the device. Let’s look at them in more detail.

ECONO COOL It is responsible for enabling the cooling mode with a reduced level of energy consumption.

SAVE Saves the previously set settings. A very useful feature if you do not want to set up the air conditioner again every time you turn it on.

POWERFUL When this button is pressed, the air is cooled/heated faster and more intensively than in normal operation.

TIMER Is responsible for turning on the timer. The timer can be set using the up / down buttons, or a number of additional buttons: SET (save), DAY (DAY), CANCEL( cancel), TIME( time), TEMP (temperature), etc. For correct configuration, read the instructions for your air conditioner model. It comes complete. It can also be found on the Internet in electronic format.

CLOCK With a single tap, you can set the time as on a regular watch. Not to be confused with the timer time setting. The time is set using the up /down buttons.

RESET Resets all previously set settings.


We talked about all the most important buttons on the remote control of the air conditioner. Depending on the model of the split system, the number of buttons may vary, but the basic set is always the same. We recommend that you read the instructions before setting up the air conditioner yourself. Good luck!

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