Air conditioning with humidifying air mode

Supply air conditioning for the apartment. In detail

Residents of large cities have long been accustomed to gas pollution, completely forgetting that fresh air is vital for each of us to maintain good health. Urban living conditions are far from ideal, but not everyone is ready to give up their career and move to the countryside. In this case, you should think about forced ventilation.

If the budget is small, you can buy a 2-in-1 device. The market of modern wall-mounted air conditioners offers devices with the function of cleaning the outdoor air and some kind of supply ventilation. This is one of the best options if you want to save money and buy an air conditioner for your apartment.

Split systems with air inflow are very popular in megacities, where the level of air pollution exceeds all permissible standards. But you can also install such a device if you live in an average city. After a couple of weeks of use, you will be able to feel how your health has changed.

Manufacturers produce both wall-mounted and ducted air conditioners with an influx of fresh air. The latter are most often used in offices and country houses. In addition, the cost of such a system is not affordable for everyone. But wall-mounted devices are cheaper, easier to install and generally do an excellent job.

In this article, we will tell you all the basic information that you need to consider before buying such an air conditioner.

General information

Air conditioners with the function of supplying and purifying air are not uncommon on the market. They have been around for a long time, but they have gained popularity only in the last 10 years, as manufacturers began to produce such devices at an affordable price.

Externally, this air conditioner is no different from the usual wall or ceiling unit, which can often be found in many apartments. However, this air conditioner with air intake also works in the supply ventilation mode, with a fresh air mixture. From a conventional air conditioner, such a device differs in the presence of air duct channels. Otherwise, it is the usual air conditioner, which can work both for cooling and heating.

Advantages and disadvantages

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The supply air conditioner has many advantages. It is compact, efficient, quiet, functional and, most importantly, provides fresh oxygen even in conditions of high air pollution.

Such air conditioners can operate in the cooling/heating and ventilation mode at the same time, clean air will flow into the room all year round. The device successfully copes with its task even on frosty days, when the temperature outside the window drops below -10 degrees Celsius.

The supply air conditioner has a simple control system with remote control. Both a child and an elderly person can cope with it. And we have already discussed the reduced noise level above: the air conditioner can be installed in the bedroom, study or nursery.

The disadvantages of the supply air conditioner are the same as those of a conventional split system. First of all, the installation of such a device will require more effort and resources, and the installation should be provided even before the repair work. On the facade or roof of a building, you need to mount an outdoor unit, and this is not always possible (for example, in historical or dilapidated buildings).

Also, the supply unit is more expensive than a conventional air conditioner and its installation should be entrusted only to a professional. And that means that you have to pay more money for the installation. Exactly as for regular maintenance. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice for those who do not want to install the supply ventilation separately and prefer 2-in-1 devices.

Is it worth buying?

Supply air conditioners are functional and combine two devices at once, while taking up a little space. It would seem that there is no better option on the market. But before buying, you should consider a few nuances, so that you do not get disappointed in the choice.

First of all, no air conditioner with the function of cleaning and supplying fresh air can be compared with a separately installed supply ventilation. And inexpensive devices do serve the amount of fresh air, which is simply not enough for all family members. Separately arranged supply ventilation is much more efficient to cope with this task.

how to turn on the Electrolux air conditioner

But if you do not have the ability to install air conditioning and ventilation systems separately, the supply air conditioner can be a lifeline in a large city. But before you buy, check what the speed of fresh air supply is. The optimal indicator is from 30-40 m3 / h. Yes, such devices are significantly more expensive, but you have to choose between your budget and your health.

For comparison: the supply ventilation provides from 100 m3/h of fresh air, which is three times more productive than the supply air conditioner. If you have the option to install air conditioning and ventilation separately, take advantage of this. Otherwise, purchase a powerful supply air conditioner.

As an option, you can install not a wall-mounted, but a channel supply air conditioner. Its installation is complicated and expensive, but its efficiency can be compared with a conventional supply ventilation system.


Modern ducted air conditioners with supply ventilation for the apartment can save you from polluted air and literally breathe life into your lungs. Of course, such a system will never compare with a separate forced ventilation, but something is better than nothing. The supply air conditioner is functional, compact and easy to operate. But if you have the opportunity to put air conditioning and ventilation separately from each other,then we recommend that you do so.

Have you ever used or installed a supply air conditioner? Share your impressions in the comments below. Tell us what you liked or disliked in the operation, whether it is worth buying such a device. Good luck!

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