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Small wall-mounted air conditioner: how to choose?

The market for modern wall-mounted air conditioners is so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to make out which device to choose. Often, the average buyer is looking for a device for a small room. In this case, it is important that the device is not only functional, but also compact.

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right small air conditioner for wall mounting and what nuances should be taken into account.

General information

Air conditioning with humidifying air mode

Let’s talk about the technical features. A wall-mounted air conditioner is a split system consisting of two units (outdoor and indoor). The indoor unit is just mounted in the room on the wall, i.e. it is always in sight.

Leading manufacturers of air conditioning systems annually launch models with a reduced indoor unit. Of course, you can’t call them mini air conditioners. But such devices are in any case more compact than their predecessors.

However, manufacturers do not distinguish small wall-mounted devices in a separate class of air conditioners. The phrase «small wall-mounted air conditioner» can be heard only from sellers who seek to satisfy the needs of customers. Therefore, when choosing a split system, just pay attention to the physical size of the indoor unit. And to be more precise, its height, width and depth.

You can also pay attention to air conditioning-picture. These are compact wall-mounted devices that not only perform their function, but also add a zest to the interior. They cost significantly more than a conventional air conditioner, but many are willing to overpay for a special aesthetic.

Functionality and usability

how to turn on the air conditioner without remote control

Therefore, when choosing an air conditioner, pay attention to the following parameters::

  • Power

This is the first parameter to pay attention to. Otherwise, the capacity is called cooling capacity. It can be calculated by taking as a basis 1 kW per 10 sq. m. of the room. That is, to cool a room of 20 sq. m. you will need an air conditioner with a power of 2 kW or more. Often, the power of air conditioners for small rooms does not exceed 2.5-3 kW.

  • Functionality

All air conditioners are designed to operate in cooling mode by default, but models from the middle and high price categories can additionally heat and even purify the air. The heating function will help you comfortably meet the off-season, and air purification will be useful for allergy sufferers.

  • Noise level

Another important parameter, if you plan to install air conditioning in the bedroom, nursery or study. For such rooms, you should choose a device with a reduced noise level, no more than 20 Db. For the rest of the rooms, including the office, it is quite possible to use a conventional air conditioner that emits noise at the level of 30 Db.

  • Workmanship and appearance

If your chosen air conditioner is completely satisfied with all the previous points, you can pay attention to its appearance. Before buying, check whether the plastic does not creak, how uniform the gaps are, and what material the air conditioner blades are made of. Also think about whether the device will fit into the interior of your apartment. Sometimes it makes sense to overpay for an up-to-date design.


Small wall-mounted air conditioners can be found on the market, but you need to make an effort. Such devices are not allocated to a special class. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the indoor unit of the models that you have chosen for purchase. Good luck!

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