Sleep mode in modern air conditioner

Sleep mode in modern air conditioner: why is it necessary?

There are many operating modes in air conditioner, which are not easy to understand when you first get acquainted with split-system. On our website we regularly tell you about different operation modes, so that you can understand their purpose easier and faster.

Today we will talk about «SLEEP» parameter, which is also called night mode. Setting your air conditioner correctly to night mode will help to improve your well-being, and we’ll try to prove it. We will tell you in detail about «SLEEP» mode, you will learn what this term means and what nuances you should take into account.

General Information

conditioners heating mode

After turning on the air conditioner in cooling or heating mode you will hear a characteristic noise. Standard split-system makes sounds at the level of 30-40 dB, which is unnoticeable during the daytime, but at night it can cause you discomfort.

There are some conditioners in the market, which make the noise at the level not more than 20 dB, but their price is high and often is inaccessible for a common buyer. Manufacturers solved this problem simply by adding a «SLEEP» button to the remote control.

When you press the button «SLEEP», you will start the night mode, during which conditioner will work less intensively, making less noise. In addition, the temperature will decrease by a couple of degrees to provide coolness in the room, and by morning it will return to the set value.

Why do I need SLEEP mode?

Some people think SLEEP mode is a marketing ploy, but we disagree. Numerous studies prove that sleeping in a room with reduced air temperature has a beneficial effect on sleep, which means that your overall well-being will improve significantly. After all quality sleep is a guarantee of vivacity.

And increased noise from air conditioner operating in standard mode prevents most people from sleeping. SLEEP mode will reduce noise level of air conditioner and will be useful not only in the bedroom or nursery, but also in the office.

SLEEP mode activation and setting

how to set the universal remote control

If your air conditioner has a SLEEP mode, use it to literally experience its benefits.

Follow the simple instructions:

  1. Take the remote control and press the «ON/OFF» button. The air conditioner will turn on and you will hear a signal;

  2. Select the cooling/heating mode and set the temperature; Press the «SLEEP» button. Press the button once to turn on the mode, and twice to turn off the mode;

  3. Use the timer to set the «SLEEP» time. Set the period during which you will sleep, so that in the morning the mode will turn off and your original settings will return.

That’s it, the setting took no more than a minute! That said, the effect of night mode will ensure you feel good all day long, without wasting extra time adjusting and adjusting the air conditioner.

Unfortunately, the night mode can be switched on only with the remote control. There are no buttons on the conditioner for its switching on and setting. But you can turn on some other basic modes without a remote control.


The air conditioner has a magical «SLEEP» mode, which can improve the quality of your sleep and at the same time improve the quality of your life. It takes not more than a minute to turn on the mode «SLEEP», also known as the night mode of air conditioner. Good luck!

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