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Setting up the Pioneer air conditioner without instructions

Pioneer air conditioners (Pioneer) they are not as well known in the market of air conditioning systems as devices from more famous brands, but this does not prevent them from selling well.

If you purchased a split system from the Pioneer manufacturer, but lost the instructions during installation or transportation, use this article to configure the air conditioner. Also, this material will be useful for those who found a similar device in their hotel room.

Quick Setup instructions

Plug the machine into an outlet. On the housing of the wall unit, you will see a red LED. Point the remote towards the wall unit and press the «ON/OFF» button. When pressed once, the air conditioner turns on, and when pressed again, it turns off. When you turn it on, you will hear a distinctive beep, and you will also see that the red LED has turned green.

After switching on, the cooling mode is set by default and the temperature is +25 degrees Celsius. If you are satisfied with these parameters, you can put the remote control aside. No further adjustment is required.

If you need a more detailed configuration of the air conditioner, use the «MODE» button on the control panel. It works sequentially — each press of the button turns on one of the available modes (AUTO, COOL, DRY, FAN, HEAT).The display of the remote control shows the name of the currently selected mode.


Increase or decrease the temperature using the up and down buttons. Adjust the direction of the air flow by pressing the «SWING» button. After pressing the guides in the air conditioner housing will start moving up and down, you will feel the direction of the air flow change. After pressing the button again, the guides will lock in their position.

These are the basic settings. In addition to them, there are a number of additional:

  • SLEEP. This is night mode, in which the air temperature is reduced by several degrees, as well as the noise level is reduced. According to the manufacturer, with such settings, the quality of sleep is significantly improved;

  • LIGHT. Turning on / off the backlight on the wall unit;

  • TURBO. A button that enables intensive operation, in which cooling or heating is carried out faster;

  • I FEEL. Intelligent selection of the operating mode. We discussed this feature in more detail in the article below.

This is enough to customize the split system to your taste. Please note that below we have placed the error codes of the Pioneer air conditioner. If you find one of these errors when you try to configure the machine, call the wizard.

Good luck!

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