Kentatsu air conditioner

Setting up the Kentatsu air conditioner without instructions

If, after transportation and installation, you suddenly find that the paper instructions for the Kentatsu machine have disappeared, read this article. Here we briefly and clearly describe all the functions, as well as tell you how to configure them.

Turning on the air conditioner

instructions for the air conditioner

To turn on the air conditioner, make sure that new batteries are installed in the remote control. Point it in the direction of the wall unit at a distance of no more than 8 meters and press the «ON/OFF» button. If the air conditioner beeps and the green LED lights up on its body, it means that the device is turned on and ready for operation.

Setting the operating mode

After switching on, the cooling mode and the temperature of +25 degrees will be automatically set. If you want to enable a different mode, use the «MODE» button. Each time you press it, one of the modes will turn on: cooling (snowflake icon) → heating (sun icon) → dehumidification (droplet icon) → ventilation (fan icon) → automatic (AUTO). Pictograms are displayed on the display of the remote control and inform you about the selected operating mode.

If you have turned on the ventilation mode, pay attention to the «FAN» button. You can use it to adjust the fan speed. With each click, the speed will gradually increase: low → medium → high.

Temperature adjustment

The temperature can be adjusted using the up and down buttons. The adjustment range is from +16 to + 30 degrees.

Also on the remote control there is a button «TEMP», by pressing which you can see the temperature you set, as well as indicators in the room and on the street. This is very convenient if you are used to monitoring the weather in the morning.

Additional features

quiet air conditioners

Don’t want to wait? Press the «Turbo» button to turn on the intensive mode. Now the cooling or heating of the air will be carried out much faster!

Direct the air flow in a comfortable direction for you, using the «Swing» button. With a single push, the guides located in the wall unit will start moving up and down. You can leave everything as it is, or click the button again to stop the guides in the desired position.

Set up the timer using the «Timer» button. After pressing, select «ON» (timer for turning on the air conditioner) or «OFF» (timer for turning off the air conditioner). Then use the up and down buttons to adjust the time.

If you do not want to adjust the temperature manually, use the smart adjustment function of this parameter by pressing the «I Feel» button.

Use the self-cleaning function of the air conditioner by pressing the «X-Fan» button. Of course, this will not replace a full-fledged disinfection, but it will remove the remaining condensate on the evaporator and get rid of germs.

If the unit is installed in the bedroom, turn on night mode by clicking on the «Sleep» button. The temperature will automatically decrease by a few degrees, and the noise level from the wall unit will also decrease.

Turn off the backlight by pressing the «Light» button if it prevents you from sleeping.


Knowing what each button means, you can easily set up the device in a matter of minutes. We hope this article was useful for you. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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