Rolling for copper pipes of the air conditioner

Rolling for copper pipes of the air conditioner

Pipe rolling is the most optimal method of connecting copper pipes for an air conditioner. In this article, we will briefly tell you what tools you will need to perform rolling and what you need to consider when performing the work.


For copper pipes, or rather for their flaring, you will need a flaring machine. This is a specialized tool designed for rolling copper tubes. There are three types of this tool:

  • Mechanical. The simplest and most inexpensive tool for rolling copper pipes;

  • Electric. It is more convenient to use, but it costs more;

  • Set. The set includes not only a razvaltsovschik (mechanical or electric), but also a pipe cutter, expanders and other useful tools.

We believe that a set for rolling copper tubes is the best choice for a home or novice craftsman. It already has everything you need.

Additionally, you will need sandpaper and consumables, such as nuts, and directly a coil with a copper tube.

Stages of the work

flaring for copper pipes

The process of rolling copper tubes consists of the following stages:

  1. Use sandpaper to thoroughly clean the ends of the pipe. They should not leave dirt or paint on them;

  2. According to the diameter of the pipe, a nut is selected (it is also often called a coupling). It is put on the cleaned area of the tube;

  3. The pipe is inserted into the spreader, carefully scrolled. The work is performed slowly to avoid unnecessary deformation of the edge;

  4. After rolling, the tube is also carefully removed from the camber, inserted into the fitting. The nut is tightened, but without strong pressure. Otherwise, you may accidentally damage the metal.


This is all you need to know about rolling. Watch the video below to understand this topic more clearly. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. And if you have already had the experience of rolling pipes, tell us about it. Give some useful recommendations and tips. They will be useful for many readers. Also check out other articles on our website. We wish you good luck!

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