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Repair of the air conditioner with your own hands. Malfunctions and their elimination

It is difficult to surprise a modern buyer with an air conditioner. This climate control equipment is available in many apartments and offices, because now the cost of the device, its installation and maintenance are not so expensive. Everyone can buy a budget split system. But in order for the air conditioner to serve you for many years, it needs to be serviced regularly.

However, you should understand that any equipment has a service life and it is not insured against natural wear and tear. Sooner or later, you will encounter malfunctions that will have to be repaired. In addition, many home craftsmen like to understand the technical features of the air conditioner and make repairs on their own.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the main malfunctions of modern split systems, share recommendations on how to repair an air conditioner, and whether it is worth doing it yourself at home, or it is better to use the help of a master from a service center.

Briefly about the installation of the route and refueling with freon

varieties of freon

If you have just purchased an air conditioner, read the information about its installation and refueling with a refrigerating agent. You will not be able to perform the installation yourself, this work requires certain qualifications. But you will be able to follow the work of the masters and detect errors in time, if suddenly the masters turn out to be inexperienced beginners.

In most cases, the length of the freon route should be about 5 meters. This is enough to connect the outdoor and indoor unit. The route consists of copper tubes, nuts are installed at their ends. With their help, the tubes can be connected to the blocks using a key.

When the track is installed, it must be filled with a refrigerating agent, i.e. freon. Refueling is carried out from the side of the outdoor unit, since it is there that there are special taps to which a pressure gauge and a vacuum pump can be connected.

Why is this necessary? It’s simple: with the help of a vacuum pump, excess air and moisture are pumped out of the tubes. This process is called vacuuming. And this is a very important stage that cannot be ignored. During vacuuming, the compressor must be started. The quality of vacuuming must be checked by applying a soap solution to all joints.

Then they start pumping freon into the track, having previously attached a container with a refrigerant. When pumping, you can track the pressure change using a pressure gauge. This is one of the ways to accurately measure how much freon is needed for this route. Also, the masters can measure the amount by weight or by focusing on the divisions of the container with freon.

List of major faults

Below we will list the main breakdowns that users face. But we will answer one of the most pressing questions in advance: is it possible to repair yourself? The answer directly depends on your skills and experience.

If you have never had to repair climate equipment, you may be able to cope with the task. But an ordinary user with a high probability will only aggravate the situation if he decides to make repairs on his own.

You should understand that the split system is not called a SYSTEM for nothing. The air conditioner consists of many components that are combined with each other. If you fix one part incorrectly, you will cause trouble in the entire system.

Therefore, we do not recommend carrying out repairs yourself at home, if you do not have the proper experience, skills, knowledge and tools. But, do not rush to get upset. Some things you can still do with your own hands. We will tell you about this a little later.

The indoor unit does not turn on

air conditioner crackles

Let’s start with the most common problem. The device worked properly for a long time, and then suddenly refused to turn on. In 90% of cases, the solution lies not in the device itself,but in the remote control.

The first thing you should do is replace the batteries. The batteries in the remote control need to be replaced every six months. If you are going on vacation and will not use the device for more than two weeks, remove the batteries from the remote control. Otherwise, a leak may occur, and then you will have to change the remote control.

replacing the batteries in the Samsung air conditioner remote control

Replacing the batteries did not help? Get a new remote control, insert the batteries into it, configure it according to the instructions and try to turn on the device. If that didn’t help, it’s probably a much more serious reason.

The outdoor unit does not turn on

external unit hums

There can be many reasons. The device may not turn on due to a broken compressor, fan, incorrect choice of operating mode. These are just the main reasons. The exact cause can be identified only by a professional master who has the necessary diagnostic equipment in his arsenal.

We strongly recommend that you do not diagnose and repair an outdoor unit at home without having experience and appropriate skills. This can be dangerous for your health and life. Especially if the unit is installed at a high height.

Water drips from the indoor unit

water drips from the air conditioner

This is a terrible dream of any air conditioner user. Especially if his apartment has just been renovated. Owners of split systems panic when water flows down from the air conditioner on the brand-new wallpaper, forming a puddle on the laminate…

However, this is one of the most common problems, and it occurs due to improper operation of the air conditioner. Do you use the device in the cold season, while setting the «COOL» mode and low temperature? Or maybe you never flush the drain pan and empty it? There is a 99% chance that water will start dripping from your air conditioner.

How can I fix this situation? Without outside help, you will be able to clean the drainage yourself. This procedure is not as easy as we would like, but it is quite feasible at home. Also, read the operating instructions that are supplied with the device to understand in which modes it is not necessary to operate the device.

Unpleasant smell from the indoor unit

Another common problem that every second user faces. The reason is simple — any air conditioner needs regular cleaning and disinfection, at least twice a year. If you do not do this, the indoor unit will be covered with a layer of dust and dirt from the inside. Also, you will find dead insects inside the device, and in neglected cases, mold.

If you clean the air conditioner regularly, this can be avoided. Also, do not forget to clean the pallet, we talked about this a little earlier. In the article below, we give detailed instructions on how to clean the air conditioner from dirt and finally take a deep breath. 

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Cooling mode does not work

does not cool the split система

The main reasons:

  • Incorrect installation of the outdoor unit;

  • Improper operation;

  • Leakage of the refrigerating agent.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the reasons.

If you install the outdoor unit in the sun itself, it is possible that the system will not work correctly. Due to overheating of the unit, the cooling mode may simply not turn on, or it will work very poorly. In this case, only dismantling and subsequent installation of the block in the shade will help.

We have already talked about improper operation earlier. You do not need to turn on the air conditioner for cooling, if it is also cold outside the window. The air conditioners provide protection that will not allow the device to work in such abnormal conditions for it. And if it does, then over time, water will start dripping from the air conditioner (see above).

A refrigerant leak is also quite likely, but only the master from the service center will determine exactly. In any case, if your air conditioner has stopped working in the mode that you really need, report it to the service center. And entrust the diagnosis to an experienced specialist.

The heating mode does not work

how to use the air conditioner

In this case, freon leakage is also possible (see above), or operation at sub-zero temperatures. Each air conditioner has a range of operating temperatures, for example, from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. And if you try to turn on the heating at sub-zero temperatures outside the window, the protection will work in the air conditioner and you will not get the long-awaited heat. Observe the principle of operating temperature and do not use the device in conditions for which it is not intended.

The cooling is too intense

Often, a faulty thermostat becomes the culprit of excessive cooling. Does your air conditioner not turn off, but it gets colder and colder? Most likely, the reason is precisely in the thermostat. The problem will be solved only by a qualified specialist, independent repair is impossible. You also need to make a full diagnosis before starting the repair of the air conditioner, and this is possible for a master with experience.

Please note

instructions for the air conditioner

There are a number of rules that must be followed not only because of safety precautions, but also for the sake of successful performance of the device in the future. These are the rules:

  1. Before starting cleaning/diagnostics/repair, the air conditioner must be disconnected from the power supply. Do not start working with the device plugged in! Disconnecting from the remote is not enough, be sure to pull the plug out of the socket;

  2. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. The manufacturer specifies all comprehensive information about operation, maintenance and repair in the technical documentation. It comes complete with air conditioning when purchased;

  3. Make independent repairs only if you have the necessary skills. Most users do not have proper experience in repairing complex climate equipment, so we recommend that you contact a service center for help. The exception is cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner. Any adult user who has an hour or two of free time and a stepladder can cope with this task.

By following these simple rules, you will extend the service life of your air conditioner. But this is the most important thing. The technique should please you for many years. And only timely quality service will allow you to achieve a positive result.


Sooner or later, the owner of the split system faces an important question: how to fix the air conditioner? Is it worth overpaying for the work of a master from a service center or, perhaps, solve the problem on your own?

It is quite possible to repair an air conditioner with your own hands, but you need to honestly answer the question: do I have enough skills and knowledge to do this work efficiently? Unfortunately, many home repairs end up with a deterioration in the operation of the air conditioner, and then you already have to call the master to correct your mistakes.

We believe that you can only clean and disinfect the air conditioner with your own hands. This task is within the power of any user. But you will have to be patient and have a stable stepladder. It is better to entrust the rest of the work to a professional from the service center. The scheme is simple: the master always has not only knowledge, but also precious experience, as well as all the necessary tools.

In the comments below, users and craftsmen can tell about their experience of carrying out repair work. Share your experience, it will be useful for many readers. Also check out other articles on our website. We wish you good luck!

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