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Quiet air conditioners for the apartment

Most modern manufacturers have long established the production of compact and, most importantly, quiet air conditioners for apartments. And if earlier the air conditioner could be found only in a large office, now everyone has the opportunity to purchase this device for cooling, cleaning and heating the air.

Among all models, silent air conditioners stand out. Yes, this name is largely chosen by marketers to attract attention, because the device will make noise in any case.

However, the fundamental question is the level of this noise. If you install air conditioning in a bedroom, office or children’s room, you will surely appreciate the quiet operation of silent air conditioners.

The article is not an advertisement. We do not sell air conditioners, but only talk about the features of their selection and operation.

General information

The most popular types of air conditioners are wall — mounted, floor-mounted and window-mounted. Each of the varieties has its own design features, and, consequently, the noise level during operation.

So, for example, floor and window devices are fully or partially mounted in the room, while they consist of only one unit, inside which the compressor operates. Unsurprisingly, these types of air conditioners make more noise.

windowed кондиционер

While the split-system often consists of two blocks (external and internal). The noisiest components of the system are located in the outdoor unit, which is mounted on the facade or roof of the building. Accordingly, most of the noise remains outside the room.

If you choose a device based on the noise level, then look in the direction of wall-mounted air conditioners. But keep in mind that the indoor units installed in the room also make noise. And the greater the power of the air conditioner, the higher the noise level.

Acceptable noise level

air conditioning noise level

Most modern wall-mounted air conditioners (or to be more precise, their indoor units installed in the room) are designed taking into account the permissible noise level. A standard device that does not belong to the «quiet» class emits noise in the range of 30-40 Db, which is equivalent to the volume level of a whisper or a quiet conversation.

If the air conditioner is installed in the living room or in the kitchen, then you are unlikely to experience any discomfort when using such a device. But if you plan to install an air conditioner in the bedroom or office, then even such a small noise level may seem increased.

Some manufacturers supply their air conditioners with a «night» mode of operation, which makes the device work less efficiently, but at the same time reduces the noise level to the permissible norm.

What is the norm established at the moment? The recommendations are simple: in the bedroom and other rooms where it is important to relax or concentrate, the noise level should not exceed 30 Db. The best choice is air conditioners that produce sounds no louder than 25 Db.

Unfortunately, so quiet devices are not so much on the market, and the cost is significantly higher than that of a standard air conditioner with a noise level of 30 Db. But you will definitely appreciate the truly quiet operation of such an air conditioner if you install it in your home.

Models of quiet air conditioners

Air conditioners from Daikin

The brand «Daikin» has a line of air conditioners «FTXG Emura», which are characterized by a reduced noise level and a number of other features. The indoor unit of this air conditioner looks very stylish and concise, it will perfectly fit into a modern minimalist interior.

quiet daikin air conditioner

But the main thing you need to know: air conditioners from this line emit noise at the level of 20 Db! This is one of the record indicators on the market. This volume level is barely discernible by ear, most likely you will not even hear the operation of this technological air conditioner.

Air conditioner from LG

The manufacturer » LG «has an excellent line of air conditioners «Inverter Mega Plus», which was introduced to the market in 2017. Thanks to the fresh year of release, air conditioners from this line can boast of concise designs and modern technical «stuffing».

The noise level of air conditioners from the «Inverter Mega Plus» line is no more than 20 Db, which makes them one of the quietest on the market. The devices are also equipped with an energy saving system. You will appreciate this advantage if you use the air conditioner around the clock on hot summer days.

In addition, the devices from the «Inverter Mega Plus» line are equipped with an air purification function and ionization. This air conditioner will create a truly comfortable microclimate in the house. After a couple of weeks of use, you will notice that your well-being and sleep have improved significantly.

Air conditioner from Zanussi

The devices from the «Zanussi» brand are the most affordable in our list. They are many times cheaper than competitors, while providing quiet operation. We recommend paying attention to the models from the «Superiore DC» line. They are energy-efficient, quiet, protected from dust and dirt, and equipped with a built-in air ionizer.

quiet air conditioning zanussi

Of course, their appearance and noise level are not as good as those of other, more expensive devices from this list. But if the budget is limited, then air conditioners from «Zanussi» from the «Superiore DC» line will be an excellent choice.

Mitsubishi air conditioners

The famous brand «Mitsubishi» also has quiet air conditioners. An excellent choice is the SRK ZS-ST and SRC ZS-S models. They are beautiful, compact and very quiet. The noise level does not exceed 20-25 Db.

quiet air conditioning mitsubishi

Air conditioners SRK ZS-ST and SRC ZS-S are equipped with rich functionality: you can control the devices using a smartphone by connecting them to the Wi-Fi of your home. You will be able to change the mode of operation, even if you are in a different part of the house. While your child is sleeping, you can adjust the temperature without entering the nursery and without disturbing the baby’s light sleep. No standard remote control can boast of such control.

Air conditioner from Hisense

Let’s finish our list with devices from the brand «Hisense» from the line «Premium Design Super DC». The name itself speaks of the main feature of the air conditioner: it is a spectacular design solution that will decorate a modern interior thanks to smooth lines, premium materials and unusual colors.

quiet air conditioning hisense

The devices from the «Premium Design Super DC» line work very quietly: the noise level in the cooling mode does not exceed 22 Db. Air conditioner can be used at any time of the year, as it is equipped with a heating function and can work effectively at temperatures up to -15 degrees outside the window.


Modern wall-mounted split systems are optimal for use not only in offices, but also in residential areas. If desired, you can purchase a device that emits a reduced noise level. It will cost more than a standard air conditioner, but you will not even notice its work if you install it in a children’s room or a study.

In this article, we talked about the main nuances associated with quiet or, as they are also called, silent air conditioners. When working in the «night» mode, they do not effectively cool the room, but this is a small price to pay for comfort.

Have you ever used a silent air conditioner? Tell us about your experience of buying, installing and operating such a device. Share your observations and recommendations. Good luck!

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