Multi split systems for 5 indoor units: details

If you live in a multi-room apartment or a large private house, you probably thought about how to ensure a comfortable microclimate in each of the rooms. Someone decides to install several split systems with many outdoor units at once, but this is not the most effective and cost-effective option.

After all, there are modern multi-split systems on sale, designed to operate 3-8 indoor units. This means that you can install a large number of air conditioners on one outdoor unit. In this article, we will focused on multi-split systems for 5 rooms, since it is such devices that cause a large number of questions.

General information

Multi-split systems with 5 air-conditioning units are designed for cooling, heating and cleaning the air in five rooms. The air conditioners can be operated simultaneously, and the temperature can be adjusted separately in each of the rooms.

This air conditioning system consists of one outdoor unit, which is mounted on the facade or roof of your house, and five indoor units. Indoor units are often referred to simply as air conditioners. They can be wall mounted and channel.

Wall units are more familiar and easier to install. Channel and cassette versions look more aesthetically pleasing and fit better into the interior, but you need to design the location for them in advance.

Depending on the capacity, one indoor unit can cool or heat a room with an area of 10 to 100 square meters. But keep in mind that the more powerful the air conditioning system, the more expensive it is.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such air conditioning systems have many nuances that should be considered before buying. Read them to make the right choice before purchasing an air conditioner.


  • Compactness. The system consists of an outdoor unit and five indoor units. The indoor units are quite compact, especially the cassette and channel units. Wall panels are significantly larger, they are mounted almost under the ceiling, so they take up a little useful space;

  • Functionality. Modern air conditioning is equipped not only with the function of cooling the air. It can heat, ionize and purify the air, creating a truly healthy indoor climate.;

  • Efficiency. One indoor unit is able to cool a large room area. At the same time, many modern devices are equipped with energy saving systems.

And cons:

  • Complexity of installation and maintenance. To install such a complex air conditioning system, you need to find professional installers who will correctly lay communications and configure the equipment. It is also important to carry out regular maintenance (at least twice a year), which will cost at least 10 thousand rubles;

  • High price. A split system consisting of one outdoor unit and five indoor units will cost 150 thousand rubles or more. It all depends on the power. However, such an air conditioner will never be cheap either when purchased or used;

  • Features of the work. All installed air conditioners will be able to work simultaneously, but only in one mode. You can not cool the air in one room and heat it in another. It is only possible to independently adjust the temperature in each of the rooms.


Multi split system of 5 indoor units can be an excellent choice if you want to provide your home with the most comfortable conditions in the hot summer days. If you are willing to put up with the complexity of its installation and extremely high cost, then we definitely recommend this air conditioner to buy.

Have you ever encountered multi-split systems for 5 or more rooms? What difficulties did you encounter during installation and operation? Share your impressions in the comments below. Good luck!

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