Cassette air conditioner

LG ceiling Air Conditioner User Manual

LG cassette air conditioners are reliable and functional. In addition, they do not spoil the expensive designer interior and take up very little space in the interstitial space. In this article, you will find a brief instruction manual and setup of the cassette machine from the LG brand, as well as learn about the main nuances of operation.

Important rules

To make your air conditioner last for many years, follow these simple rules:

  • Do not perform the installation yourself. Entrust this work to professional craftsmen;

  • Do not perform repairs with your own hands. For repair and maintenance work, please contact our specialists;

  • Do not allow small children to use the air conditioner;

  • Perform regular maintenance;

  • Some models of LG cassette air conditioners come with a classic remote control that is powered by two batteries. If you are going on vacation and will not use the device for more than two weeks, remove the batteries from the remote control to avoid leaks;

  • If you experience unpleasant odors or suspicious sounds coming from the air conditioner, stop using it and contact the service center.

Learn more about setting up

To set up the air conditioner, use the remote control. It comes complete with the unit and is mounted on the wall. Below you will find detailed instructions for enabling and configuring the main and additional operating modes.


Air conditioning is a technically complex device that requires regular maintenance. We recommend that you entrust this task to an experienced specialist, but you can do some of the work yourself.

In particular, you can clean the indoor unit of the air conditioner and its filters. Before cleaning, make sure that the machine is turned off. Wipe the indoor unit with a dry, soft cloth. Then open the protective cover of the unit and remove the filter. You will immediately notice it: the filter is a thin mesh plate.

To clean the filter, use a vacuum cleaner and warm water (the temperature is not more than 40 degrees!). If you are unable to completely clean the filter from dirt, use a special detergent for the air conditioner.

After cleaning, place the filter on a towel and let it dry naturally. Do not force-dry the filter using a hair dryer or other heat sources. Otherwise, the filter surface may deform due to the increased temperature.

By the way! The cooling capacity inevitably drops when using a dusty dirty filter. In this case, your device will waste about 6% of the electricity. Carefully monitor the cleanliness of the filter to preserve your health and wallet.


This article is a quick guide to setting up and using a ceiling air conditioner from the LG brand. We hope this user manual has been useful for you. Any other questions? You can ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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