Learn more about setting up a Samsung air conditioner

The remote control is supplied with the Samsung air conditioner. It is necessary to fine-tune the air conditioning system. This article provides a brief guide, in which you will find the answer to the main question — how to use the remote control? You will also learn about some important nuances that should be taken into account when operating an air conditioner.

How to use the remote control

Basic setup

Royal Clima air conditioner

Press the Power button to turn on the air conditioner. After pressing the button, you will hear a beep. This means that the device is turned on and ready to work.

After switching on, the automatic operation mode is automatically set, in which the temperature and other parameters are selected by the air conditioner, and not by the user. If you are ready to trust the technology, put the remote control aside.

Well, if you prefer to configure the equipment manually, start by selecting the operating mode. Press the Mode button and pay attention to the display of the remote control. You will notice how the operating mode has changed. Each time you press the Mode button, the mode will switch in the following order: Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat.

After selecting the optimal operating mode, adjust the temperature using the up and down buttons. Also, don’t forget to set the fan speed by pressing the Fan-up and Fan-down buttons.

Battery replacement

To replace the batteries, follow the simple instructions:

replacing the batteries in the samsung air conditioner remote control

The batteries need to be replaced every six months. It is forbidden to use old and new batteries at the same time. Used batteries must be disposed of properly. Dispose of used batteries in a special battery container. Similar containers can be found in shopping malls and other public places.


To ensure that your expectations from the Samsung air conditioner are not overshadowed by breakdowns and expensive repairs, it is important not only to properly configure the device, but also to take care of its maintenance.

Often, the company that installs the air conditioner offers regular service. Do not refuse this service, because with your own hands you will not be able to do even half of the work. In addition, this task should be entrusted to specialists with experience.

But if you want to save some money, you can do it yourself cleaning the wall unit and filter.

To clean the wall unit, you will need a soft, damp cloth. Wipe the decorative panel of the air conditioner, and then lift it as shown in the picture below.

samsung air conditioner filter cleaning

Remove the filter and clean it with a vacuum cleaner to remove large particles of dust and dirt. Then rinse the filter under running water. Use a soft-bristled brush if necessary. We also recommend purchasing a specialized air conditioner cleaner.

samsung air conditioner filter cleaning

After cleaning, dry the filter naturally in a well-ventilated area. Do not use a hair dryer to dry the filter, it may deform from the hot air. Install the dry filter back in the wall unit, close the decorative cover.


Now you know how to set up your split system. But managing the air conditioner properly is only half the battle. It is important to be able to carry out basic maintenance and pay attention to any atypical manifestations in the operation of the air conditioning system. Any other questions? Ask them in the comments below. Good luck!

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