Is it possible to refuel the air conditioner at home

Is it possible to refuel the air conditioner at home?

From a purely industrial device, the air conditioner has become an attribute of comfort, which can be purchased for a relatively small amount. It is not difficult to use a modern air conditioner, but you need to take into account a number of nuances related to maintenance.

One of these features is the refueling of household air conditioners. Is it necessary to carry out regular refueling of air conditioners with freon? Can I do this procedure at home with my own hands? We will answer these and some other questions in this article. You will learn how to fill the split system yourself and whether it is worth paying for the work of a professional master.

Why is it necessary to refuel split systems with freon

By default, all air conditioners do not need to be refueled, since they are filled with freon while still in production. And to avoid leaks, the circuit is made sealed, without the possibility of direct refueling.

However, sometimes refueling the home air conditioner is still necessary if you suspect a leak or you were informed about it by the master. In this case, you can fill the split system with freon forcibly, with the help of additional tools.

refilling the air conditioner with freon

The main causes of freon leakage: poor-quality installation of the split system, poor-quality assembly at the factory and / or natural wear of the air conditioner.

If there are signs of leakage, it is necessary to make a freon injection. In theory, this work can be done independently, but we strongly recommend not to do it. Only a professional master knows how to properly refuel air conditioners to avoid breakdowns.

However, you should still study how this process goes so that you can monitor the work of the wizard. Next, we will tell you how to pump freon into air conditioners.

How to fill air conditioners with freon

Algorithm of actions:

  1. The nuts on the copper tubes are unscrewed to drain the remaining refrigerant. Then you need to tighten the nuts;

  2. The left hose from the pressure gauge must be connected to the connection of the outdoor unit, and the middle hose — to the vacuum pump;

  3. Use the hex key to open the two taps on the outdoor unit. This is necessary for pumping out the air;

  4. Next, the pump starts and the left tap opens on the pressure gauge;

  5. Wait for the air to be pumped out. This usually takes about 10 minutes for low-power air conditioners;

  6. After pumping out the air, the left valve of the pressure gauge must be closed, and the pump must be switched off;

  7. Next, the middle hose of the pressure gauge is disconnected from the pump and connected to the freon cylinder for the air conditioner;

  8. A tap is opened on the cylinder, after which the cylinder itself is turned over;

  9. At the same time, open the right tap of the pressure gauge for a couple of seconds;

  10. Slowly open the left valve of the pressure gauge, so that the freon enters the system. As soon as the required amount of refrigerant is filled, the left tap must be closed. The valve on the cylinder is also closed;

  11. Open the right tap of the pressure gauge to drain the remaining refrigerant;

  12. The left pressure gauge hose is disconnected from the fitting. The work is done quickly and with gloves to avoid burns.

We remind you that it is better to invite an experienced specialist to fill air conditioners with refrigerant. Do not do this work yourself if you do not have enough experience and skills. Otherwise, you risk ruining the entire air conditioning system.

Learn more about freon

If you still decide to refuel the air conditioner with your own hands, pay attention to choosing the right brand of freon. Open the technical

varieties of freon

data sheet of your air conditioner and see what brand of freon was used in the production of the device. Old air conditioners were often filled with freon type R22, but it was replaced by R410, because it is less harmful to the environment. Use R410 if your machine has previously run on R22.

But note that when using the R410, you will not be able to refuel the air conditioner. You will have to drain the remaining freon and refuel the device completely. In the case of R22, you can simply add freon, without draining the residues.

If your device uses a different brand of freon, consult a specialist.


Now you know how to properly refuel air conditioners. We do not recommend refueling the air conditioner without the help of a professional, because not only the split system can suffer, but also your health.

However, if you have the necessary skills and experience, it is quite possible to refuel the air conditioner with your own hands.

In the comments below, you can share your experience and tips on how to refuel the air conditioning system yourself and what nuances you need to consider in order for the work to be successful. Good luck!

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